Product Review: Ajana Mocha Body Scrub


Are you in desperate need of a coffee? I am. All the time. Instead, I have been getting my coffee boost from a little something else (trying to cut down on caffeine, you see). The Ajana Mocha Body Scrub is perfect when you are in desperate need of a coffee. At the very least, you will want a coffee after use.

The Ajana Mocha Body Scrub is a sugar based scrub which is very crumbly – be prepared for a mess in the shower – but leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized, due to the inclusion of oils. Whilst it feels wonderful, the scent is intense. The coffee smell tends to soften on your skin, although I have found that it lingers a little. I am a massive fan of coffee – love the stuff – but even I was glad that it softened down on my skin; opening the jar feels like opening a jar of strong instant coffee.

The strong scent is most likely due to the inclusion of real coffee grounds, which also is the most likely reason for the strong brown colour of the scrub. Don’t worry though; the colour doesn’t linger!

This product would be wonderful for all of the fake tan/dry skin/scrub lovers who are also massive coffee fans. Those who are not a fan of the smell – I probably wouldn’t recommend this for you.


Love Tegan x


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*All images from Ajana.

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