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Here in sunny Queensland we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a long hot summer, but now the time has come. Winter is just around the corner and for us that means one thing; less days spent at the beach and more time on the couch cozying up with Netflix. It’s time to say goodbye to living in our bikinis, and hello to jeans and oversized jumpers.

There’s no denying that with winter, comes a whole lot more temptation. It’s certainly easier to opt for indulgent comfort foods instead of a salad on those cooler evenings. Lucky for us, My Plate Clean Treats is here to make the temptation more of a ‘thing’. Opting for one of My Plate’s creations is a way we can all indulge this winter, completely guilt free!

My Plate’s extensive product list can provide options for the following; refined sugar free, dairy free, paleo, vegan, nut free, soy free and gluten free. To top it all off, all products are 90% organic.  Sure, you’ve heard all this before. The term “Clean treats” is old news, but My Plate products are certainly unlike anything you’ve tried before.

My Plate Clean Treats | Brisbane ThreadsMy Plate Clean Treats is a Brisbane based business owned and operated by Paris Strauss and her partner Vaughan Hunt. Their passion for producing the highest quality clean treats goes hand in hand with the commitment to support local produce. My Plate take an active approach to ensure their ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably. A small business themselves, Paris says this is one of the most important and rewarding elements of MyPlate’s vision. They source South East Queensland berries from My Berries, and pasture-raised eggs from Echo Valley Farms.

My Plate have found themselves in increasingly high demand in the past year across a number of Brisbane cafes, hotels and gyms. Their most recent venture saw them serving up clean ice cream sandwiches in various pop-up locations across Brisbane such as Lorna Jane, Coco Bliss, Barre Brisbane, Nodo Donuts and BSKT Café. Brisbane simply couldn’t get enough of these mouth-watering creations, and you can believe the hype, they were absolutely delicious. It’s hard to believe they were dairy free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and vegan-friendly!

My Plate: Clean Treats | Brisbane ThreadsThe My Plate menu is the perfect combination of passion and creativity combined with guilt-free versions of some of our favourite treats we know and love. Follow their Instagram @myplatecleantreats and keep your eye out for their next delectable venture!

Brisbane’s Favourite My Plate Products:

  • Clean Banana Bread – Sweet Banana goodness made with almond meal, brown rice flour, brown rice malt syrup and many bananas to bring the old school banana bread to clean reality.
  • Raw Caramel Slice – Sweet Caramel filling made from dates and cashews paired with a crunchy nut base and raw chocolate top.
  • Raw Snickers Chocolate Bar – Everyone’s favourite. The classic combination of peanuts, caramel and chocolate, only healthy!
  • Vegan Berry Breakfast Bars  – Made from a mix of organic oats, organic coconut, Australian pesticide free almonds and lots and lots of local berries! This breakfast slice is nutrient dense and oh so delicious!
  • Clean Brownies – A delicious fudge brownie made on coconut oil, almond meal and brown rice malt syrup.

My Plate Clean Treats | Brisbane ThreadsStockists:

My Plate products can be ordered online or sourced through one of their many stockist locations across Brisbane…including:

My Plate Clean Treats | Brisbane ThreadsMy Plate Clean Treats | Brisbane ThreadsFor a full product list, stockist list, wholesale and ordering information visit

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