Pixie Hair Braid

We are crushing on the Pixie Hair Braid and think it is all kinds of flirty, fabulous fun! Learn how to recreate this Pixie Hair Braid look in a few simple steps from Lyndsay; Owner & Art Director of Toni and Guy Brisbane.

Lyndsay is The New QLD ambassador for Label M and she has some awesome dry styling techniques; perfect for festivals and cheeky weekend fun. We can’t wait for the oh-so-lovely Lyndsay to share her styling tips on how to create the perfect Pixie Hair Braid. But first five minutes with Lyndsay.

Toni and Guy - Brisbane

Lyndsay Happy Friday! What’s your drink of choice? Coffee or Tea or Wine? 

Coffee Coffee Coffee, I just loooove coffee. My favourite thing to do on a day off is to get up early and drink multiple cups.

Describe your style? 

Well it’s a very rare sight to see me without my heels on. I just love them, all day everyday, even to the park.

How do you relax? 

Usually when I get to spend time with my friends is when I have the time to relax. Laughing is always a great way to unwind after a busy week.

What are your non-negotitables with health and beauty?

You need to have a great foundation so for me, great skin care and quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments are a must have. Also I’m all about drinking lots of water. Water fixes everything.

Favourite current hair style?

Pixie Hair is basically a new take on braids. Braids will always be festive and fun and the Pixie Hair braid is a show stopper and we will show you how to create it at home.

How to Create the Pixie Hair Braid

  • Prep the hair using Volume Mouse and brush through
  • Part the hair down centre
  • Using a comb take a triangle section at the front hairline of one side
  • Spray hairspray on the section to give the hair grip
  • Divide the triangle into two sections and make a knot

Pixie Hair Braid - Brisbane Threads

  • Using your comb take another horizontal section directly underneath the last one, repeat and make a second knot

Pixie Hair Braid - Brisbane Threads

  • Then take another horizontal section
  • Using the ends of the first knot, pull this hair under the second knot and knot together with the third repeat horizontal section

  • Using the ends of the second knot, pull this hair under and third knot to make the forth knot

Pixie Hair Braid - Brisbane Threads

  • Repeat these steps until the end of the hair
  • Repeat all steps on the opposite side
  • Using the shine mist and hairspray to create texture throughout the hairline

Pixie Hair Braid - Brisbane Threads

There you have it; give the Pixie Hair Braid a go or head in to Toni and Guy Brisbane and let the experts do it for you! Happy Friday!

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