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Brisbane’s Best Picnic Food

Even though we’re in the midst of winter, there’s no reason why you can’t get out when the sun is shining and enjoy a picnic lunch with friends, family or your significant other.

I will admit that I do have a slight picnic obsession and love nothing more than dining cross-legged on the grass surrounded by friends and lots of laughs. At just the mention of one I will commence a search through pinterst and the blogosphere to find inspiration for the perfect place to go and the best food to take, whether that’s a homemade recipe or a grab-and-go dish from a local foodie outlet. However when the picnic date does roll around, I seem to find myself overwhelmed with it all and look for any alternative that’s better than ham and cheese sandwiches and a flask of coffee.

After finding myself in this predicament on more than one occasion, I’ve created a go-to list of Brisbane’s best picnic food so you’ll never be stuck with an empty picnic basket when your next picnic gathering comes up. If you’re not doing anything this weekend, grab your picnic rug, pillows and a cute fedora and head to one of these places to get your gourmet stash of food.

Best Picnic Food | Brisbane Threads

Botanica: With an emphasis on wholesome ingredients, Botanica really takes the gluten free cake for best picnic food. Their tasty salads and delicious gluten-free treats are perfect to grab on the go (in fact takeaway is encouraged). Drop by before the lunchtime rush and pack a bag full of Botanica goodies, both the sweet and savoury variety.

Wham Bam Banh Mi: If sandwiches are more your thing, you can’t go wrong with the newly opened Wham Bam Bah Minh in . Served from a take away window at well-established Libertine, Wham Bam Banh Min serves delectable French Vietnamese goodies. With Banh Mi’s such as soft shell crab and pork with apple chili sauce, there is something to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Unfortunately these guys are closed for the moment, but fingers crossed they open their doors when the warmer weather comes back around later in the year.

The Bun Mobile: Follow The Bun Mobile around town for affordable prices and delicious buns. The bun mobile dishes up delectable fillings incased in a pillowy soft steamed bun, so they’re the perfect thing to take with you on a winter’s day picnic. With specials changing at every mealtime, it’s enough to send any food lover into a frenzy.

LiquefyIf you are one for healthy living and treating your body like a temple, why not swing by one of Liquefy’s establishments en route to you’re picnic date. Their endless lists of smoothies are mouthwatering and boast a host of combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. Paired with some cauliflower sushi and raw doughnuts, your healthy feast will taste as sinful as a double chocolate brownie but without the regret.

The Picnic Society: My picnic obsession goes into overdrive with this one. I mean, what could be better than a company that takes care of your entire picnic menu, from nibbles, main meals and desserts to drinks, everything is homemade and delivered in a cute as punch picnic basket. Go to their website to find out more:

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen: New kid on the West End block, Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen has everything from bliss balls, raw snacks and cold pressed juices to superfood salads and lunch goodies, all made with the Miss Bliss ethos at the core. Stop in and have your lunch packed up and ready to go.

The Bulimba Deli: If cheese, crackers and cold meats are more your thing when it comes to a picnic in the park, The Bulimia Deli is where you want to be. Stock up on olives, coffee, meats, cheese, baked goods, sweets and pastries and head across the road to the Bulimia Memorial Park and find a good spot in the shade. While you’re in the area, check out the cute homeware stores and fashion boutiques that line beautiful Oxford Street.

Eat Street Markets: Sure many go to the Eat Street Markets to explore and eat, but it’s also a great place to stop by for picnic goods. A quick lap around the many stalls will find organic iced tea, cronuts, wood fired pizzas, sliders, Asian finger food of every variety, caramel popcorn, churros, doughnuts and so much more. Grab a selection and head towards a nearby park to escape the crowds and enjoy good selection of Brisbane’s best fare.

Doughnut Time: Doughnuts are always a good idea, especially when they are filled with Nutella and topped with mini m&m’s, crushed Oreo and strawberry clouds. Grab one and make your fellow picnic-ers green with envy, or be the most popular for the afternoon and show up with a box of six in different flavours.

Best Picnic Food | Brisbane Threads

Now all you have to do is pick a location. Check out this post we wrote on 27 of Brisbane best picnic spots and lookouts, or head over here for 6 sunsets around Brisbane that will take you breath away. Together they contain 34 brilliant places in Brisbane for every picnic occasion.

Here is just a couple of the places that we frequent, but I’m sure there’s more and we’d love to hear about them. Tell us your favourite places in Brisbane for picnic food in the comments below so we can add them all! 

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