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I love meeting people that are passionate about our beautiful city and not so long ago I met the gorgeous Samantha Cush at a Business Chicks networking event. Samantha’s energy and positivity left such an impression that I often check in with her Facebook page for a dose of inspiration and to see what’s going on in her local area… Sam is one of the vibrant Real Estate agents at Belle Property at Paddington and I finally spent 5 minutes and asked her to share a little bit about herself and her favourite bits of Brisbane!!

  1. Have you always lived in Brisbane?

No I was born in London (UK) and lived there most of my life. I came to Brisbane in 2004 and met my to be husband. We lived in London and France but always planned to move back to Brisbane. Having our two daughters is what really influenced the move back here.

  1. How did you get into real estate?

I have always had an interest in property and people which have really been the best ingredients for real estate. I loved watching any property shows, auction shows, renovation shows and had a real taste for property investment. I started investing in 2005 and my real estate career really launched from there.

  1. What are your goals for 2013?

I have big goals for 2013 both professionally and personally and a lot of my goals have to do with balance. I want to spend more time with my family, fly to the UK for Christmas, run the Bridge to Brisbane in under 30 mins! for Hold on to Life. I don’t have any Grandparents and so I am adopting Grandparents at the local residence to spend time there. I want to master Social Media, and really concentrate on real estate in my home area around Kelvin Grove, Red Hill and Ashgrove.

  1. You provide some fantastic tools for your clients on your Facebook page – what do you hope this achieves?

I hope it achieves a non invasive way of providing information on real estate with useful tips on the property market, preparing for sale, as well as general positive messages and information on what’s happening in the community around Kelvin Grove, Red Hill and Ashgrove. My free ebook is a great tool for anyone preparing to sell and gives advice on “how to sell your home for more”. I am hoping to add a spotters fee reward voucher soon, so keep a look out for that.

  1. You currently look after Kelvin Grove, Red Hill and Ashgrove areas – what are your local tips?

Demographics for these popular suburbs on the City borders are young professional couples, families and investors so it makes sense to present your home to lean towards these buyers. Speak to an agent about who the buyers will be for your property and then pull on the emotional draw of what your home has to offer them. For anyone looking to sell I offer a free book which is ‘how to sell your property for more’

  1. You are a huge advocate of living in Brisbane – what do you think has shaped this?

I have always found Brisbane people friendly and welcoming and I love that everyone is so neighbourly. Helping each other and helping the community is strong here. Brisbane is a happy City and my kids just love it here. It’s our home now.

  1. What is your favourite place in Brisbane to eat/drink/shop?

I love to go up to Mt Cootha for a coffee, it’s such a great view of the City and a good place to reflect. If I feel like local I go to Co Cozy in Kelvin Grove Urban Village for good coffee and pleasant staff with awesome banana bread. L love the Korean BBQ in West End Hong Depot and my local Thai restaurant, Thai Ayuthaya in Kelvin Grove. I have to confess I love a bargain and I’ll shop anywhere!

  1. Anything else you would like to share about yourself…

I value my family and friends and miss those I left in London. I am a mum of two gorgeous girls who give me a lot of love and make everything worthwhile. I am learning to ride a quad bike under my husbands supervision which is both exhilarating and rather scary. I love talking and listening to people and love to be inspired by positive people. I get lots of energy from people which makes it enjoyable to do my job where I meet lots of people.

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