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Beauty Tuesday: Man Up With PC4Men

Today we’re breaking from tradition… we’re doing Beauty Tuesday for the guys today! But don’t closer your browser yet and hit back – you ladies need to hear this too! 

We know there aren’t hundreds of Brisbane blokes hanging out here in Brisbane Threads, however, they do make up a small tribe of our readers so we wanted to change things up and make Beauty Tuesday all about them for the day, so let’s call it Bromance Tuesday and we promise to include more content for the boys from now on (if you like ti of course).

So, the Misters behind the gals at BTHQ have been trialling some PC4Men over the last couple of weeks to let us know what it’s all about. So far, no complaints whatsoever (and secretly I think they’re thrilled that there’s finally a job perk/special package that they can enjoy on behalf of BT).

PC4Men is for the millennial man who cares about his hair, skincare and shaving routine and has their finger on the pulse when it comes to male grooming. It’s a simple routine that leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and ready to face the world, whatever world that might be. The trial kit includes PC4Men Face Wash, PC4Men Shave, PC4Men Sooth & Smooth, PC4Men Daytime Protect SPF15 and the PC4Men Nighttime Repair – so it’s everything you need to trial PC4Men over a 2 week period.

The PC4Men Trial Kit is by Paula’s Choice and is now available here.Beauty Tuesday: PC4Men | Brisbane Threads

2 thoughts on “Beauty Tuesday: Man Up With PC4Men

  1. All products of PC4MEN are good. My husband is using these products and it suites on all skin types. It doesn’t have any negative effect.

    1. Hi Sophia! So glad to hear that… my other half is loving them too. Thanks for stopping by Brisbane Threads!

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