A tourist in Brisbane

A little weekender in the city is sometimes just what you need to be reminded of the beauty of Brisbane. Being a tourist in your hometown is the best way to fall in love your city and cure the ‘travel bug’ feeling. You know that longing, that desire to travel; it happens when you haven’t been on a holiday in a while…

As someone who spent a lot of time overseas and travelling in my twenties, I do find myself longing for more… more adventures and more discoveries. Travelling lets us live in the moment, notice the beauty in the everyday and revel in the ‘joie de vivre.’ Spending a weekend in our city is the perfect way to be dazzled by those Brissie lights and swooned by the Story Bridge and our chocolate coloured river. Ok that might be a massive stretch ahem-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life about the Brisbane River; but that is what ‘travel eyes’ do… they make you notice all the little moments of magic that happen everyday.


For our mini staycation, we stayed in the Novotel Brisbane, which is located at 200 Creek Street and just a short walk from the Queen Street Mall. After check-in we all strolled down to the city and loved rediscovering bits of Brisbane’s architecture from the past; like ANZAC Square and Central Station. The trains were a big hit with the three-year old as were the ‘statues’ in ANZAC Square. We had grand plans to trek across to South Bank on the Sunday morning, however a suspected case of chicken pox (it’s ok folks, totally a false alarm) meant we left our mini-getaway a little bit earlier than expected.

We stayed in a deluxe twin share room, and those beds were incredibly soft with all those giant fluffy pillows. I don’t know about you but I do love me a bed with lots of pillows. I had to share my bed with a toddler, but thankfully there was plenty of room in the KING! I loved the contemporary twist and the views. Being in the middle of the city had a slightly Manhattan feel… obviously on a much smaller scale, but you can use your imagination.


What a treat. Hubby and I both couldn’t resist having the burger from the Gourmet Bar.  No point getting food envy; so we just order the same thing on most occasions. #amiright #FoodEnvyIsNeverFun

Think Australian Wagyu beef on handmade carbon rolls and sweet potato chips. Love me a take on a classic and when it looks and tastes and good as this you know you are on a winner. As with every good holiday, happy hour is an important milestone to celebrate. Cheers to le classic Amaretto Sour. Sometimes when a classic presents itself to you, you have to indulge in said classic. So let’s all take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is the Amaretto Sour.

I loved that they were accommodating for my two kiddies, with hot dogs and spaghetti bolognese both two favourites in our house, and a side of thick cut crispy chips! The outside courtyard was also delightful at dusk. The Gourmet Bar bar was stylish and relaxed with that oh-so-luxe feeling.


Novotel Brisbane has something for everyone, we went down the ‘family’ route, but it is the perfect destination for business, or a cheeky romantic getaway. Do yourself a favourite and fall in love with Brisbane!

If you’re staying with the family, Novotel Brisbane were so accommodating, providing activity books, kids menus, port-a-cots (if required) & the playroom in the foyer level had endless activities for them to do.

P.S. Oh and that buffet breakfast was amazing… well our was cut a little short by the children… which is probably lucky as this foodie over here couldn’t stop going back to more. Where to start? With the fresh fruits and juice, followed by pastries and coffee, moving on to the eggs and bacon, and mushrooms (oh they were bloody delicious) and then finishing with… ok we stopped there but soooo could have had something sweet to finish off!

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