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What’s All Of The Fuss About Nodo Donuts?

Nodo Donuts are swiftly taking over the Brisbane donut scene and we couldn’t be happier! Nodo has long been stocked at selected cafes across Brisbane but now, you no longer have to strategically plan your donut fix… Nodo has opened their very own café!

Located on 1 Ella St, Newstead, Nodo has brought us their daily gluten free, baked (not fried) creations 6 days a week! With New York loft vibes, Nodo’s standalone cafe’s minimalistic design is both welcoming and refreshing. It’s impossible to not feel at home when stopping by Nodo – nothing says lazy Sunday morning more than a great guilt-free donut and a coffee to match. Perfect for on-the-go donuts before work or a little afternoon pick me up. The team at Nodo Café is passionate about adding the fun back into wholesome food while still allowing us to fix our sweet tooth cravings and we couldn’t love them more if we tried!

While we all love a good classic glazed donut, it’s nice to know that we can munch down on donuts for breakfast (or any time of the day for that matter) that will leave our insides happy. Nodo really is the world’s friendliest donut!Nodo Donut | Brisbane Threads

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