Mother’s Day Gift Guide Part One

How is it that Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me every damn year?! We’ve still got three weeks, so I guess that’s still enough time think up a plan and woo the mother hen. So while I’m racking my brains for the present that will knock her socks off, I thought I’d share my wisdom with you lovely folk and create the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide. There was too much to include in one post (because after all, you have to spoil your mum), so we’ve got part one here for you today, and part two of the gift guide coming next week.

So let’s get started!

The Stylish Mum

If she’s a stylish lady (and especially if she has her own Instagram account) then there’s no such thing as too many accessories. As we are moving into the cooler months, some new accessories to compliment her winter wardrobe are perfect – think scarves, jackets, ponchos, winter hats, cozy wraps and statement jewellery in warm colour palettes. Shop at some of her favourite stores (you may have to do some sniffing around to find out where) and make sure you keep all of the receipts incase you need to change size, colour or product. If you are hesitant with buying her clothes and accessories, opt for some skincare products, body lotions and bath goods so she can pamper herself at home.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Homewares Mum

If you think your Mum has missed her calling as an interior designer or event stylist, then it’s safe to assume she’s a homewares Mum. Think colourful cushions, throw rugs in gorgeous textures, a mosaic vase, a piece of artwork to match her living room, a vibrant fruit bowl or an inspirational quote to bring love into the home. If you’re still unsure, a safe option is always a nice smelling candle in her favourite scent (go for citrus, creamy or floral notes) from the Glasshouse Candle Range or the Palm Beach Collection.

Flowers at the Rocklea markets

The “She Owns Everything” Mum

If she’s one of those mums who has everything, or you can’t think of something she’ll need/use/love, why not head over to a site like Personalised Favours and send her a lovely gift pack. Gift-giving specialist sites will have a bunch of ideas in their range for every occasion, some that you probably haven’t even thought of yourself. You can have a gift customised with engraving, a unique package created and have it professionally wrapped and delivered to your door before Mother’s Day, so all you’ll have to do is deliver it to Mum (and you’ll get all of the credit). If you’re up for some extra brownie points, pick up a bunch of beautiful blooms in her favourite hue to go with the gift and watch her smile beam from ear to ear.

So how did we do… have you go some ideas for Mum yet? Next week we’ll have a wrap up of the best gifts for beauty, health and chef Mum, so make sure you stop on by again.

This post was written in collaboration with Personalised Favours, however all opinions, thoughts and recommendations are my own.

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