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In the hipster end of town in West End you will find the most modernistic and chic little café. This space goes by the name of Morning After by day and for a limited four weeks, by Night Before at night. With crisp white washed brick walls, rich moss green furnishings and gold trimming it’s a feast for all the senses. Pop in and try my must mouth-watering recommendations, with all plates sharable between two people to large groups. There’s Yiaya’s famous traditional white taramasalata dip with melt in your mouth pita to the crispy chicken bao buns. For mains, hands down, no words or cutlery needed for that matter, I recommend the beef short rib as it falls apart at first bite.  For the finisher, Yianni’s deconstructed Turkish delight, I promise it will leave you speechless.

If day time is more your scene, pop into Morning After for some of their five senses coffee that packs a punch and a homemade slice of traditional baklava or two.

We interviewed café owner, Yianni Passaris, who has just launched a brand new delicious dinner menu, running Friday through to Sunday nights for the next four weeks.

Yianni, how did you end up owning your stunning café Morning after? Where did the inspiration come from?

My inspiration came from the lack in Brisbane’s café scene. There were great coffee shops with small little menus but no cafes to get the full experience of great coffee and restaurant quality meals in a one stop shop.

How do you take your coffee?

To be honest I love choice! I like a flat white in a tulip cup as it has great ratio between coffee and milk.

What would be your favourite food?

I love Asian! Thai, Japanese, Chinese. It’s all amazing. So many flavours and everything is to share which I love.

If you had the choice of an outing, breakfast or dinner?

Dinner! I am always late to work so I skip most breakfast meals but I love share plates and good wine.

Your family is Greek, how do you incorporate your heritage into your café?

Being Greek I believe we are very family orientated, so we love to cook and host for friends and family. I like to believe we do the same when it comes to the café. We bring warmth feelings to anyone who walks in.


Location: Corner Vulture & Cambridge St West End — 4101 | WebsiteInstagram | Facebook

Photography by Grace Elizabeth Images 

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