More than just a website.

Did you know there are over 185,000 businesses in Brisbane? And one of the most important parts of making sure your business gets noticed by potential customers is having an awesome online presence – a website!

Here at Brisbane Threads we are always on the hunt for Brisbane’s best everything. People, businesses, food, activities, products, you name it, we’ve tried it. So when something awesome comes on our radar, we can’t wait to share! And this one is for all those businesses out there who don’t have a website, have a website that’s not converting or need to bring their website into the 21st century!

KMO is one of Brisbane’s leading web design and development agencies, operating in Brisbane since 2007.

KMO pride themselves on having experienced web developers and can provide custom development work, not just the design of your new website. They are committed to understanding their clients businesses and how they operate and you can check out some of their awesome work here. This understanding combined with technical experience allows them to implement the most effective and efficient solution.

And once you have launched your awesome new website, they can also take care of your digital marketing needs as well (yep that’s right, actually getting your customers to find you!), through SEO, Adwords and Social Media Management.

However, the real reason we wanted to share this awesome business with you, is the people. Katrina and the team at KMO are those old-school kind of people that believe in relationships over emails. They build long term relationships and are continually investing in their clients through giving them access to the latest market insights, taking the time to understand their business as it evolves and through consultations and ongoing support.  

If you think it’s time to get your online presence sorted out, and what a trusted partner to help you through it… you can find KMO here:

WEBSITE | TWITTER | LINKEDIN | 1300 965 232 | ADDRESS 22, 127 Creek St, Brisbane, QLD  4000


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