Mid-Year Resolutions

Can we just stop the clock and ask ourselves how is it nearly July? The second half of 2017 is about to start and we are moving towards 2018. The Winter Solstise has already happened. Those little Buddy the Elf memes with the number of sleeps until Christmas have already started!! And I don’t know about you, but I have certainly not made a dent into my 2017 New Year’s resolutions…

So why not wipe the slate clean and start again. Mid-Year Resolutions are so the new ‘New Year Resolutions’ #Right?

But how? Where do we even start? Like all goal setting, it is about breaking down the bigger goals into smaller, more achievable goals. There is no point saying you’re going to go to the gym 14 times a week, become a full time yogi and take up barre classes at the same time… if at the moment the most exercise you are doing is walking to the bus stop in the morning. Think about the end result yes but, also think about the steps that you need to do to get there.

‘It is the journey, not the destination’


Whether you are wanting to train for an upcoming race, enter in a Park Run for just be able to walk around the block without running out of breathe, it doesn’t really matter. Moving our booty’s should be fun not a chore. There is nothing worse than dragging your sorry butt to boot camp only to be hating on life while you run around carrying a massive tire like a crazy cave woman! By all means if you love running around with a tire above your head go for it, but it is important to remember we are all different; our bodies and our needs are different and we need to find the way our body wants us to move. Be it yoga, cross-fit, bush walking or even parking the car a bit further away and walking to the bus/work/shops. Get out in nature as often as you can! Set small goals like move every day, or move most days and make it achievable. Then once you are able to run for 10 minutes, change it up and challenge yourself to move more!


Winter is sooooo all about comfort foods. We are not here to say that you need to give up your hot chips and creamy mash potatoes. No way! Denying yourself of certain foods just really makes us want them more. I don’t know about you but I can go days without sugar but the minute I say ‘I’m quitting sugar’ all I want is a big chocolate filled donut #GoFigure. Set realistic food related goals, think about including more greens at dinner, or switching hot chips for a salad every now and then. Keeping it in balance. Maybe something as simple as eating an apple a day… I’ve heard it keeps the doctor away.

Mind / Soul / Culture

Take time for you. Time for your mind and your soul. If you haven’t heard of Hygee (pronounced HOO-Gah) it’s time to head to google and come out from the rock you’ve been hiding behind! It really is a HUGE craze! I’ve read different books which say Hygee is from Denmark and others from Norway and having been and falling in love with both countries I think it could be from either! Think nourishment, think wrapping yourself in warm knits by the fire or by a candle; that will work too. Think cosy, comforts; enjoying a piece of dark chocolate, a coffee or a cinnamon bun and then waking up early and climbing a mountain. Treasuring and respecting your mind, body and your culture!

Speaking of culture… if you’re like me and ‘learn to speak French’ has literally been a New Year’s resolution for um I don’t know ten years… do something about it. I mean I even lived in Paris and I still can’t speak it! So dust off those books (or whatever it is that you have been putting off) and make it happen!

Whatever you are dreaming, go do it!

Love to hear about your resolutions… be it New Year’s or Mid Year Resolutions…

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