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Merlo's christening of the new Brambati Roaster and Cupping Room February 26 5

Coffee fans listen up. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the traditional Italian christening of Merlo Coffee’s newest additions – the brand new Brambati Roaster direct from Italy and a new, custom-designed cupping room. Impressive is definitely an understatement.

The new Brambati Roaster was brought back to Merlo’s Bowen Hills Torrefazione from Codevilla, a small Italian town in the Lombardy region, which is famous for making the Brambati – the best coffee roaster in the world. Italian Brambati roasters nursed the machine from Italy to Brisbane, and have since taught the Merlo team their secrets to ensure it roasted beans according to the famous Merlo flavor profile.

And so, last week was the official christening of the new Brambati Roaster in true Italian style, beginning with a traditional Italian ceremony where local priest Father Leo blessed the new machine. Dean Merlo, the son of Gino Merlo, the man who brought the first Italian espresso machine to Queensland when he migrated from Italy, thanked his customers, suppliers, the Merlo team, the roasting team and the community for their support and for helping to get his baby, Rosa the Roaster, up and running.

What followed was nothing short of a celebration, complete with authentic antipasto platters, Italian bubbles and wines and coffee infused martinis, followed by a coffee flavored tiramisu.

As the celebrations kicked into gear I spoke with one of Merlo’s many happy customers, café owners Bill and Mary who have been using “only Merlo” coffee for a number of years and wouldn’t ever stop.

Bill said in the beginning “I knew nothing about coffee per say, I wasn’t in the coffee game,” so when a mutual friend spoke to Dean (Merlo) and told him we were going into coffee he sent out a rep to have a chat about what Merlo could do for us.

“We went with them and have never looked back,” he said.

Bill said, “We’ve opened up another store since then, the Story Bridge Café and Deli, and we’ve been approached by other companies but no, we wouldn’t change.”

Bill said the Merlo Company had faith in them in the beginning, so they will continue to support them. “Loyalty is a big thing for me,” and the coffee is great, he said.

And he isn’t the only one who speaks highly of the Merlo family who, outside of the coffee world, dedicate a lot of their time and raise money and awareness for a number of different charaties including St. Vincent De Paul and the CEO Sleep Out which Dean has become a big participant in for years.

Bill agreed that many people don’t know the Merlo story but really should, because they are a great, local family who support other businesses. They have truly earned their reputation as Australia’s best coffee and are a Brisbane business on the cusp of greater things.

So, if you haven’t had the pleasure of sipping on a finely roasted Merlo coffee then scope out one of the thousand distinguished cafes and restaurants that use Merlo beans ASAP. You won’t regret it.

espresso martinis at Merlo's christening of the new Brambati Roaster and Cupping Room February 26 1

The Merlo Roaster Christening 1


For more information visit the Merlo website and check out the online store where you can shop all things Merlo Coffee.


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