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Eat: The Mercure Brisbane

I don’t know about you but there is something just a little fancy about dining in a hotel. It’s the kind of fancy that makes you want to peel off those skinny jeans and put on a pretty dress. Perhaps you might even order a cocktail or a glass of wine instead of just sipping on the free tap water or the standard lemon, lime and bitters.

Featuring beautiful river views, a locally sourced menu and sexy, ambient lighting, the restaurant and bar at the Mercure Brisbane achieves that perfect level of fancy.

With the kind of menu that makes you ask the waiter to come back in five minutes because you can’t possibly decide what to have (slow cooked lamb shank!? Chinese braised pork belly?- help!), the Mercure Brisbane doesn’t fuss around with tiny portion sizes or pretentious ingredients. Instead it offers wholesome food that celebrates Australia’s love of fresh seafood, tenderly cooked meat and the innovative use of fruits and vegetables.

Perfect for a weekend date night or a wholesome after work dinner, the Mercure Brisbane brings sophisticated without prestige, making it an enjoyable affair for young and old alike. So next time you’re reaching towards that little black dress, why not head to the Mercure?

Here’s just some of the colourful array of food you can expect!

Mercure | Brisbane Threads   Mercure | Brisbane Threads

Mercure | Brisbane Threads

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