Meet the Team: Photographers

Have you met our freelance photographers? Well you should!  Currently we have two beautiful girls who are kind enough to lend their photographic expertise to Brisbane Threads! We love both of these girls’ unique styles, passion for the world and their beautiful hearts!


Carmel Lewis

A Photography neophyte, I have recently joined the BrisbaneTheads ranks as a freelance photographer and am loving it!

I have a passion for photography and a genuine interest in the world itself; be it current events, politics, global warming or what the stars are wearing!  With aspirations to break into the field of photojournalism I believe that the right picture can make or break a story and with this aim to find the perfect shot in every occasion.

A self-taught novice I take my inspiration from classic black and white movies, Hollywood glamour and old school rock n’ roll.  I currently use a Canon EOS 400D with 18-55mm lens and Speedlite 430EX II, it’s my pride and joy and though I’m ready to upgrade I think I’ll hold onto this one forever.

I am always looking to build on my achievements and continue to grow my training and skills; moving forward I plan to continue expanding my photography and would love to participate in an apprenticeship. 

Hoping to change the world one frame at a time, Carmel Lewis.

For more of Carmel’s work or inquiries please contact her at;

Some of the photos Carmel has taken for us can be found in our gallery:

Emily Benjamin

Emily Benjamin is an up and coming photographer in Brisbane. Travel and landscape photography has always been Emily’s first passion and it was this style of work that saw her first published prints in the press last year. Now she is venturing into other styles, portraits and fashion included.

To get in contact with Emily, check her Flickr site at or email her at

Some of the photos Emily has taken for us can be found in our gallery:

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