Meet Teagan!

Meet Teagan

Over the coming weeks I’m going to take you behind the scenes to meet our talented Brisbane Threads team of contributors. First up we have Teagan. You will see Teagan’s name pop up a lot – she does the majority of writing around here at the moment. She is a talented lady who loves the Brisbane food and fashion scene. Enjoy getting to know her a little!

What do you love most about this beautiful town? 

I love Brisbane because it’s a hip and happening city, yet not as crazy as Melbourne and Sydney. We’ve got everything they do, except the traffic and the cold.  I also love our thriving foodie scene and community spirit.

Where would we find you on a typical Sunday morning?

You’ll find me having a very late breakfast before catching up on life (TV shows and writing included) at home.

Best urban brunch?

DeedotCoffee house at Mt Gravatt – the eggs benny and fresh juice is my go-to combo.

Best cheap-eat?

One of my man and I’s favourite cheap treats is takeaway from Elios Osteria at Carina – the usual is two dishes and a deliciously cheesy calzone, which comes to about $35. Not bad for our favourite Italian pasta while still donning the PJ’s!

What are you doing when you’re not gallivanting around Brisbane for BT?

When I’m not out and about trying something new and conducting ‘research’ (read: eating) for BT I’m hitting the keyboard at home, catching up on my to-read book and magazine pile and planning my next overseas escapade.

Which Bris-biz has your heart right now?

As a collective, the businesses that make up the Eat Street Markets have my heart well-and-truly. Self imposed food coma come at me.

Where would we find you threads shopping?

I’m a huge market shopper and I love finding something unique, so half of my wardrobe is vintage or gems I’ve stumbled across while exploring Brisbane’s market scene. The other half is a mish-mash of brand names I’ve picked up along the way. Unconsciously, all of my shoes are Jo Mercer.

Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast?

Sunshine Coast!

Coffee or tea?

Neither! I’m a hot chocolate in the winter, juice in summer kinda gal.

Cake or cheese platter?

Only recently have I become a huge fan of a good cheese platter, especially when accompanied with wine. Although my friends will say I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth that hasn’t yet matured.

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