MBFF: Easton Pearson

Brisbane design duo Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton form internationally renowned label Easton Pearson. Celebrated for their elaborate detailing, carefully selected fabrics and colourful designs; Easton Pearson’s designs will form part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Group 2 Show on Saturday 7 August.

The Easton Pearson label has come a long way since commencing in 1989, with their first showing in Paris in 1998 and to today available in 24 countries and over 100 stores.

From the brand:

Our way of working is inseparable from our design ethos. We work in partnership through all passages of our process: planning, designing, finishing, traveling and selling. Personal connections are at the heart of our process and are essential to the way we work. We know our customers, our buyers and our storeowners. We find ourselves often designing for people we know and admire. Equally essential to our working method is our approach to fabric. We have then work in Australia on the actual production of garments. In practical terms, we design three ranges a year: Spring/Summer, Cruise and Autumn/Winter.

Our interests are specific and eclectic we design for people who are drawn to similar ways of thinking. We design for women who are quite possibly interested in art as much as fashion, who are interested in details and in visual plays. We want women to take our garments and make them their own. We don’t stand away from trends but we interpret these trends a little differently, a little idiosyncratically, a little privately based on our own interests. The sensuality of fabric against skin is important to us. We mainly use natural fibres, we are attentive to how the textures feel, how the seams are finished, how the fasteners might be touched. We believe in intimate attention to all aspects of the making process.

Our Inspiration & Influences:

Our references are drawn from varied terrain: from Indian, African and European sources, from historical predecessors, from vintage clothes, from museums, archives and films, from books and our own travels with our families. The possibilities offered by specific textile techniques clearly influence us in terms of what might be adapted into clothing. Simultaneously, our visual references continue to wander.

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Image Courtesy of Marie Claire and GOMA.

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