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The Matter of MATTER

A little while ago these funky pants came across our radar and we clicked through to check them out, as we do when clothes and the Internet combine for the greater good of the fashion savvy. Eventually, we came across the pants and their little corner of the World Wide Web and found that they are by a brand called MATTER. We also found that they’re so much more than just funky pants.

MATTER is a socially motivated company connecting communities to opportunities to create a range of travel appropriate threads for the modern nomad. They’re pants that you can see the world in, designed with comfort, versatility and functionality at the core.

Founded in 2009, the collection of colourful pants in various styles is inspired by the founders shared values and passions and the style of travel they love – that of story driven, community based travel built on direct relationships and a commitment to respecting provenance.

Our leading lady Danielle in her funky MATTER pants

The team behind MATTER wants to inspire consumers to ask where something is made, champion alternative production models for textile artisans and expand their economic freedom. They want consumers to rediscover why something is made and understand the story behind everything we wear.

In doing so, they’ve created a range of pants that are designed with the modern traveller in mind and have most definitely (in our opinion anyway) created a comfortable, easy fit that does not compromise style and class.

A quote from the MATTER website could not be more true of the timeless design that encourages freedom of movement while on the road:

“You want to look good, and still be comfortable. You’re on the road, but it doesn’t mean looking like a bum. You want to run for the train, cross your legs while reading your book and fold it easily into your duffel for the next destination. You want to run in the rain, dry it in minutes by the beach fire, and simply change it up with a cropped top for the evening.”

 This is the very essence of the MATTER brand and the threads they’ve designed with the next adventure in mind.

They’re pants to see the world in, and that’s exactly what we’ll do in them.

MATTER | Brisbane Threads

Note: Danielle wears the Classic Wide Leg Leharia Charcoal pants that were kindly gifted to us by the MATTER team however all opinions are our own, and, incase you haven’t realised, we think they’re pretty rad.

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