Spring is just around the corner and it is the perfect time if you’re thinking about putting your house or unit on the market! Buyers LOVE shopping in Spring so making sure your house is market ready and dressed for sale, so come September, you can hit to property market with a WOW FACTOR!

The old rule is that you only get one chance to make a great first impression. This is so true when it comes to many things and especially true for real estate.  The first time a buyer sees a home is the most important and it all starts right from the moment they pull up out the front…

We caught up with Brad Sissons from Coronis Coorparoo for a cappuccino to learn how to get your house ready for sale!

Street appeal

Paint fences, update numbers on letter boxes so they are shiny & new, have the driveway and front paths high pressure cleaned and put fresh bark in the gardens.  While they all seem like small things, they can have a massive difference on how a buyer feels as they arrive at your house. This is the moment they are starting to fall in love with your property. It’s just like a first date! Get all dressed up to impress.

Main Entry

It is crucial to have the main entry nice and open and full of light.  No one wants to walk in and see all your tatty and smelly shoes. Remove any excess items near the front door to create an open and clutter free entrance. Also ensure that all curtains, blinds etc are open and all the lights are on and in working order. These all make a huge difference to maximise the brightness and welcoming vibes.

Living Spaces

Whilst most of us have excess furniture in our lounge and dining zones, it is important to de-clutter and open up the spaces.  Remove larger pieces of unnecessary furniture like giant bookcases and piles of magazines. Clear and free walkways can be simply achieved by moving lounges and dining tables closer to the wall. This makes the room feel more spacious and showcases the floor space.  It is also important to style these zones; simple things like a few well-placed magazines, a nice lamp and candles all contribute to setting the tone and the feel of the home. Don’t go overboard, no one wants to see five years worth of Vogue or an entire table of tea light candles. Less is always more!


The kitchen is the heart of the home. In most cases… a kitchen can even sway the most indecisive buyer. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!  Ideally you only want 2-3 items visible in the kitchen; remove all the rest to show off all your fantastic bench space! Especially if you have a lovely stone bench (buyers LOVE stone). Keeping your kitchen bench free of clutter really shows off the space and allows the buyers to see it at its best!  Ideally, having a nice toaster and jug in a corner is all you need. If you are lucky enough to have trendy appliances like a coffee machine or Thermomix let those have prime position! Lastly, the ‘homely feel’ can be achieved with a nice modern fruit bowl; we always suggest 8 large green apples, as they photograph up great!


Another important zone in your house is your bathroom (or if your lucky, bathrooms). Just like like the kitchen, the bathroom can be a real deciding factor to a buyer, so again less is more! Removing almost everything and keeping it clean and simple is always the best! A simple Aesop soap on the counter, with a new set of neutral coloured towels, a small plant and a few very well placed candles can really bring new life into any bathroom.


If you can, give your interior a fresh lick of paint. What might cost you a few weekends in painting could add that WOW factor to your home! Whilst you might love your sunshine, happy-go-lucky, bright yellow feature wall; you will appeal to a larger market with neutral colours on your walls.


Last but not least, CLEAN. It might seem super obvious, but somehow it’s the one thing sellers forget to do! Windows, shower screens, bath tubs, benches, floors… if it looks dirty, dusty or dingy, clean it! Or if you can’t find the time or energy, hire window and house cleaners. It might sound simple but it makes the world of difference.

Now that you’ve become a selling house master… what are you waiting for? Ready, set, sell! Or if you are still in the market for buying your first home, be sure to check out our TIPS FOR TIME HOME BUYERS.

Brad and his team ‘The Brad Sissons Team’ are based in Coorparoo, Brisbane. For all things real estate, selling & buying a house be sure to get in contact with Brad and say hello!

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