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Beauty Tuesday: The Makeup Brushes Edition

As the old saying goes, a workman is only as good as his tools. The same theory applies to makeup, where tools and technique are combined for the perfect combination. Good-quality makeup is essential, that’s a no-brainer, but what about good brushes? Surely you can get away with using using super cheap ones and spending your beauty budget on gorgeous products right…. wrong! Unless you want to look like a face-painted clown or that person with brush hairs stuck to their face, good brushes are as important as matched foundation. But don’t go swiping that credit card just yet.

Not too long ago the world of makeup brushes was foreign to me, so let’s make it super easy and start from the beginning – why do you need good quality makeup brushes?

Beauty Tuesday: Makeup Brushes | Brisbane ThreadsGood application starts with the brush, so you need good quality ones to ensure makeup is applied to the face evenly and without streaks. You invest time and money into finding the right foundation for your skin tone, the perfect lipgloss for your party dress and and a dreamy blush to create epic cheekbones, so why wouldn’t you invest in a set of good makeup brushes too? They’re great for sensitive skin, do not aggravate acne and they will last for years if looked after and cleaned regularly. They are also the point of contact between your face and your makeup products, so you want something soft that creates good results without spreading debris across your face.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a huge fan of saving our beauty budget and shopping around for a good deal, however when it comes to makeup brushes, it’s best to shop at a major department stores like David Jones or Myer, or at specialty retailers like Napoleon Perdis, Mecca Maxima, RY and Lulu & Lipstick.

What brushes do I actually need?

However many brushes you think you need, triple it. You may be surprised to learn that there are about 20 brushes that you should, eventually, have in your collection, however that does seem quite excessive for everyday beauty routines. If you’re starting to collect good quality brushes, a powder brush, concealer brush, angled blush brush and eyeshadow brush should be your first port of call because they will become staples in your collection and each can be used for multiple techniques. Once you have them in your arsenal widen your collection to include the following: BB/CC cream brush, foundation brush, face brush, bronzer brush, contour brush, eyeliner brush, smudge brush, lip brush, kabuki brush, blending brush, brow comb/brush and a fan brush. Beauty Tuesday: Makeup Brushes | Brisbane Threads

1. Foundation Brush 2. Crease Shadow Brush 3. Flat Liner Brush 4. Angle Blush Brush 5. Lip Brush 6. Small Shader Brush 7. Concealer Brush 8. Stippling Brush 9. Oval Shadow Brush 10. Angle Liner Brush 11. Pointed Liner Brush 12. Powder Brush

I was recently gifted the Lulu & Lipstick travel brush set in pastel pink and gold and I am absolutely, completely and utterly in love with them. They’re my first set of ‘good’ brushes and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let them go. You can purchase them here ($75), or the full 12-piece hot pink collection here ($120)(probably my next purchase). Individually, the brushes range from $15 to $50, so the bundle is great value and means you can restock your toolbox with a good set of everyday brushes. And did I mention they’re pink!? If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, the Lulu & Lipstick brushes are 100% vegan, cruelty free and are extremely soft on the face. Never heard of Lulu & Lipstick before? It’s an Australian online shopping destination for all of your beauty needs, filled to the brim with cult favourite local and national beauty brands. Stop by and have a browse (we take no responsibility if you add to cart).Beauty Tuesday: Makeup Brushes | Brisbane ThreadsSome other great brush brands I’ve heard about on the grapevine include Napoleon Perdis, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Nars, Tom Ford, MAC Cosmetics and Sigma Beauty. Like Lulu & Lipstick, many of them do a bundled pack of everyday brushes, so look for them if you need to update your collection because you’ll no doubt save money, and you’ll even get a couple of extra brushes to experiment with. These brands also won’t blow your budget entirely as they’re a one-off invest that you’ll get good milage out of. Kind of like a cute leather tote. Or new gym clothes. (we could make up excuses all day if that helps).

How Do I Look After Them?

Treat ’em mean, keep them clean – that’s the golden rule of makeup brushes. If you’re brushes are used to apply liquid products it is recommended that you wash them once a week, perhaps twice if you don’t use them every day. If they’re used for powder products washing them once a month is fine. To wash brushes, use basic shampoo for normal hair (not organic) or baby shampoo and gently wash massage into brush with your hands and rinse throughly. To dry, hang brushes over the edge of the counter rather than lying them flat on the bench and leave them to dry naturally overnight. I like to do it on a Sunday so they’re fresh and ready come Monday morning. Beauty Tuesday: Makeup Brushes | Brisbane ThreadsWhat makeup brushes do you use every day, and do you have a favourite brand? We’d love to hear you thoughts, so jump on over to Instagram and Facebook and join the conversation. 

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