What Makes Brisbane Unique?


Brisbane may not be as famous as some of the other beloved Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney, but the rest of the world is finally catching up with what we’ve known all along – it’s awesome! As the third largest Aussie city, it’s actually the most popular holiday destination in the country. So, what makes it so unique?

Its Versatility

It’s true, Brisbane seriously does have everything. From the inner-city, man-made beach through to open green spaces, the botanical gardens and iconic skyscrapers which bring a modern city into its own, there is heaps to see and do. Whether you’re looking to find a corporate job or simply explore some nightlife, Brisbane is the place to be. Set alongside the gorgeous river, the gorgeous South Bank is the perfect cultural hangout (and is home to several top dining establishments). You also then have the peace and quiet of Brisbane’s nature spots and the hustle and bustle of its vivid arts and music scene. If you didn’t know already, it’s seriously the place to be!

Its Location

As the capital of the Sunshine State, there aren’t many places that can say they boast all of the features that Brisbane does in terms of nearby landscapes and scenery. Staying within the city limits is welcomed, however, just a short car journey takes you to the marvellous mountains, wonderful wildlife and beautiful beaches of both the Sunshine and Golden Coast. It really is unrivalled in this respect and it’s no wonder that people who are wanting more from their vacations are choosing us as a hotspot.


Brisbane Botanical Garden” by  Burning Image 

Its Friendly People

The vibe is a lot more laid back than other cosmopolitan cities. This is reflected in everything from people’s attitudes right through to their completely laid back way of talking. But then that’s just the Aussie way! With the way we shorten, well… everything… from ‘smoke breaks’ (smoko), to the way that online scratch cards are also called scratchies, there’s simply no point wasting our breath. It’s indicative of the residents – calm, collected and totally chilled out. 

Its Culture

There are heaps of cultural and creative aspects to Brisbane. There are live music venues galore and bands from Australia and around the world regularly make stops here on their tours. From outdoor cinemas to street art, galleries, museums and more, you will find things to do no matter what you’re in to. Whether you are super hip, or after an historical experience like learning about indigenous culture, you will be covered.

Its Climate

Did you know the average temperature in Brisbane is actually 30 degrees? It’s perfect for some summer loving and for those who love warm weather. Even in the winter months, it averages out at about 15 degrees (even in mid-July). Compare that to a city like Melbourne (averaging 10 degrees, but sometimes much colder) and there’s really no comparison. It’s rarely an uncomfortable heat, either, which makes it ideal all year round.

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