MAC Make-up Tutorial

MAC tutorial

As the Editor for Brisbane Threads I make it my business to attend all of the hottest fashion events in our lovely city… with that however, comes the envy of all of the fabulous fashionistas personal style and their hair and make-up. I am always amazed by how polished girls appear and am left thinking… “I wonder how she gets her eye-brows like that”… or “I wonder what colour that blush is”… Or “how on earth are her eye-lashes so long!!” So when I heard about MAC Make-up Tutorials I thought it was time I get a professional lesson! Plus I already use MAC Make-up and the $120 booking fee is redeemable on product, so nothing to lose right?

My tutorial was taken by the gorgeous Sam at the Myer Centre counter. I was actually a little bit nervous that I would be terrible; as it is a hands on hour where you get to try each of the steps yourself. But Sam was really wonderful and broke down all of the steps and gave my tips along the way! I was particularly keen to work on my eyes as I am known for a little mascara-and-go and really wanted to start being more adventurous. Sam worked with me on a smokyy-eye look, explaining how the varying depths of colours can be applied to create a day to night look. And of course we pencilled in my eye-brows for a fabulous frame for the face ala Kim Kardashian!

I would absolutely recommend a MAC tutorial if you want to boost your make-up application confidence. I took away some tips that have made my morning routine less painful and livened up my night-time look! My tip is do it on a night you have an event to go to… you will end the tutorial feeling great and looking fabulous so you don’t want to waste that on the couch!

Here is some before and after goodness…


In the interest of science and sharing… I am showing this before shot of me with no make-up…. never to be seen on the internet again!


The colour palette!


Diva! Ready to throw on a party dress and turn some heads!

I went to…


91 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

07 3232 0121

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