Here’s looking at choo kid

Long weekends are meant to be slow days; sleep-ins, breakfast in bed and staying in your pjs all day long. There is not much that will force me to get out of my comfortable pyjamas and wash my hair on a long weekend – well that is unless I have the chance to sip on bubbles and meet a fashion icon! I’m talking about Choo – Professor Jimmy Choo!

Last week I wrote all about my lust for the shoes designed by the Professor and whilst I still haven’t got myself a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes… after hearing’ the man himself speak, I think I will need to start saving my pennies for a pair. This past Monday Westfield Chermside held a Q&A with the fashion guru and treated customers to complimentary bubbles and sparkling water at The Chandon Bar. Who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of San Pellegrino on a Monday morning, chased down by a drop of bubbles?

But the main attraction was of course Jimmy! The Professor had the crowd in fits of laughter as he recounted how Harry (as in the Prince!) used to greet him with ‘hey, kung foo man’ or Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee! Or how he described himself as a foot doctor – the healer of your feet! Maybe it’s time to heal my feet?!

The part of the Q&A which struck a chord with me – and I’m sure the rest of the audience as well – was where Jimmy talked about treating people with kindness and that perhaps we all needed a little bit more kindness in the world. He’s such a kind man and I couldn’t agree more.

I also personally adored the anecdote he told about Princess Diana; how she was always nice, down to earth and ALWAYS helped carry the shoes back to the car – ‘A princess who carried shoes!’ You could hear the love and respect he had for her.

So, if there was anything I took away from meeting Jimmy Choo it was probably to be kind.

Oh, to be kind AND wear nice shoes!

Oh, and that I love him even more. So, here’s looking at choo kid!

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