Lonely Planet names Newstead one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Australia

It’s official. Lonely Planet, yes, THAT Lonely Planet (to reiterate the very same one that awards accolades to the likes of dreamy Paris and London) has named *our* Newstead one of the three coolest neighbourhoods in Australia. I’m sorry but we can’t help feeling like a proud mum. Territorial even, like a die-hard, day one fan of an underground indie rock band everyone’s just discovered playing on Nova. Alas, it’s no surprise this neck of the woods has made it in the big league. Newstead is a treasure trove of exclusive restaurants, bars and cafe’s alike. So without further ado, here are ten reasons we love this leafy riverside ‘it’ suburb. When I say reasons, I mean more like – fantastic places to consider putting on your mental list of places to eat next. As always though, you’re welcome.


Sourced Grocer is one very cool kitchen and café space, with a special mention from Cristian Bonetto of Lonely Planet’s Brisbane and Gold Coast pocket editions himself.  The converted warehouse houses produce from local farmers, with the majority of goods coming from south-east Queensland and northern NSW regions. BT insider tip: pull up a milk crate and try the avo smash in the Newstead sunshine.

Location: 11 Florence Street, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


If your wanderlust has taken you to the gorgeous home of Gelato, you might be acquainted with a little bit of advice about sourcing an authentic cup of Italian ice-cream – look for the silver lids! As Italians will tell you, some of the best gelatos will be hidden away, just as it is at traditional gelato house La Macelleria in Newstead. Friends Matteo (x2) have brought the real deal from their original Macelleria in Bologna and you will find their Aussie counterpart, right here (in one of the three coolest neighbourhood’s of Australia, that is).

Location: 29 Florence Street, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


Hot off the press, Betty’s Burger’s has recently opened a new branch of their life-changing establishment in Newstead. Tell me this has nothing to do with Lonely Planet’s coolest neighbourhood ranking… BT insider tip: try everything, try the onion rings, try the burgers, try the frozen custard style ice-cream coined the infamous concrete… Try, it, all.

Location: 63 Skyring Terrace, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


This one comes courtesy of BT’s very own creator Dani. When I reached out and asked Danielle what she loves in Newstead, I got a hold of the best sourdough and croissants you will ever taste – andddd no wonder! The baker behind the namesake bakery was trained in pastry by culinary greats like Jessica Pedemont and Adriano Zumbo…

Location: Commercial Road, Newstead | Facebook | TwitterWebsite


Here you’ll find a venue lit with an assortment of filament lights creating a charming atmosphere with one very long bar serving up all your classic beers and divine vino. Try their delicious menu from a chef you might have trialled before – Adam Marino, previously cooking at Brisbane faves, Longtime and Spirithouse.

Location: 32 Commercial Road, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


Poke balls and sushi burritos. If you haven’t heard of the terms, here’s your chance to get around the latest food craze as Suki has one of its four restaurants located in Newstead. Poke (said like Poh-key) is actually an incredibly popular Hawaiian staple, usually a combination of rice, protein, typically fresh raw fish and various seasonings. The best part of this equation is Suki is all about sourcing sustainable produce which WE LOVE.

Location: 76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


Little change of pace, because despite it’s arty workshops being it’s leading speciality here, this is most definitely a Newstead highlight. Located in a converted warehouse, Mas and Miek offer classes for all levels. From master classes to unguided studio sessions and pot-painting. Novices and those who are, let’s say, ‘the pottery inclined’ are welcome in this gorgeous space. Of course, there’s a little element of hospitality too. A quaint café serving up HRVST juices and local edibles all stocked from Brisbane companies.

Location: 11 Byres Street, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


With a philosophy like eat doughnuts for breakfast, how can you go passed NoDo’s Donuts. Appropriately named and pronounced no-dough as a nod to its gluten-free options, this darling establishment claim the world friendliest doughnut made with pure intentions. This means naturally sourced ingredients and extra measures ensure they are as allergy safe as possible. Of course they have a  breakfast doughnut too! A blend of banana, with maple cream cheese and caramelised pecans. How could you resist!

Location: 1 Ella St, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


What would any food list be without an Italian eatery? Certainly, no list written by me. The Italian Street Kitchen is inspired by the streets of Roma and aims to bring you all the tasty Italian classics you love made with an authentic edge. Like, handmade pasta and 48-hour aged pizza dough…

Location: Skyring Terrace, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram | Website


You’re probably well-acquainted with this popular bar haunt. The Defiant Duck has made quite a name for itself, since gracing the Brisbane restaurant scene. If not, you’ve surely heard of its relatives Gerard’s Bistro and Laruche. Expect an all American menu here, from the classic cheeseburger to truffle mac and cheese croquettes, charcoal wings and loaded fries – yum and yum!

Location: | Longland Street, Newstead | Facebook | Instagram Website

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