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As someone who has got more than her fair share of curves post children I am thrilled to have discovered Lilly + Lime! Swimwear that is stylish and supportive… yes please. Now I will be honest it has taken me, oh I don’t know 32 years to feel comfortable in my own skin. Ok maybe not 32 years… but I am going to say a good 20 years. I am finally ready to embrace ze curves that ‘make me me’ and make me fabulous if I do say so myself. I am so stoked to have some Lilly + Lime in my life. Today we’re chatting with Emma & Amy co-founders of Lilly + Lime; about all things swimwear, curves, embracing your body and a few cheeky Friday afternoon topics.

Emma, thanks so much for chatting to us here at BT; rumour has it your started Lilly + Lime after a hens party… I normally have a hangover after a hens… how did you start a swimwear brand?

Ha ha we definitely had a hangover! It was after copious amounts of champagne, laughter, ridiculous dancing and maybe even some skinny dipping that the idea was born; but when we woke up with a hangover to end all hangovers we weren’t sure it was such a good idea anymore. We did decide to at least investigate the idea and the more we looked the bigger gap (in the market) we found.

What is the inspiration behind Lilly +Lime?

Both Ash and I have a bigger bust and growing up we have always battled to find swimwear that fitted well but was also fashionable. So when we were at the hens party lying by the pool, admiring all our friend’s bikinis (who had smaller busts) we thought why can’t we our own have fabulous swimwear?

How does Lilly + Lime stand out from the crown?

As a brand we want all women to feel confident and supported, in their shopping experience and most importantly while wearing the swimwear. The most important thing for us is the fit, if you have well fitting swimwear you will look and feel great, we have spent years designing and perfecting our styles. We are becoming known for our prints, as they are fresh and bold which our customers haven’t had up until now.

TGINF!! (N=nearly #amiright) What’s your drink of choice? Cocktail? Coffee or Tea or Wine?

Morning = coffee then green smoothie (try and start the day right and it normally goes downhill from there).

Lunch = coffee & wine (if it’s a girl’s lunch or weekend).

After 5 anything goes, I love a good GNT, espresso martini and wine.

Inspiration? Where do you draw it and what inspires you on a daily basis?

I am lucky enough to live in Bermuda at the moment which has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, so that definitely inspires me. I spend most of the year in swimwear so I am always wanting to expand the range and see how far we can push it. I love to travel and my family and I travel a lot, being in new places and experiencing new things is so inspiring and exciting.  I also love fashion so I have a pile of magazines next to my bed (which I normally fall asleep after reading one page) but that definitely inspires me.

Describe your daily style?

Quirky glamour. As I said I love fashion and I love to experiment, getting dressed is definitely my favourite part of the day.  Most days I start the day in the gym gear but I love getting dressed up and quite often you’ll find me in heels even though I am working from home and won’t be seeing anyone that day. Safe to say my husband thinks I am crazy.

How do you wind down on the weekend?

Taking the kids to the beach and swimming in the sea, bbq’s with friends and lots of swimming in the pool, if I am lucky I try and sneak in an afternoon nap.

You’ve spent many years travelling the world, what are you favourite countries?

Wow that is such a hard question, there are not many places I have been to and not liked. I am probably biased (I’m South African) but I love Cape Town (South Africa),  the UK (that is where I met my husband), Italy, France and Spain for all the good food.

Finally, we’re all massive coffee lovers here at BT… so what is your go-to coffee / go – top coffee spot?

Oohh when I was living in Bulimba, my favourite was Brother but when I was back a few weeks ago Ash converted me to The Blue Poppy in Morningside.

And finally what’s next for Lilly + Lime…

We are constantly adding new styles to the range and we are even looking at adding a range for little girls so watch this space.

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