GIVEAWAY : Let’s Play True or False Detective

Set in the sprawling backwaters of Louisiana, True Detective is the story of detectives Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) as they struggle over 17 years to bring a serial killer to justice.

True Detective really stands out amidst the current slew of over the top, gruesome police procedurals (I’m looking at you, Hannibal). It’s an intense drama that builds slowly, with a particular emphasis on the character’s emotional and philosophical journeys. Remove some of the voodoo and cosmic-horror, throw in a few burners and a bit of Pandemic, and the overall effective is very similar to slow burn of The Wire. It’s not an easy show to watch, but it’s a hugely rewarding one in the end.

To celebrate the release of True Detective on Blu-Ray, we’ve put together a little game of True or False Detective. Do you have what it takes to see the truth?

Thanks to Warner Bros. we also have one brand spanking new copy of  True Detective Season One on Blu-Ray to give away. Just enter your details in the Gleam widget below before taking our wonderful quiz.

True Detective Blu-Ray Giveaway

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