Introducing LendMyTrend

On the outside, LendMyTrend (LMT for short) might look like just another online rental platform but with a clothing concierge service and protection policies for lenders, it’s totally changing the game. A dandy and secure garment hire? That, we had to share!


The platform was founded by a savvy group of university kids by the names of Declan Healey and April and Aaron Booij. We’re going to go ahead and call them the silver lining of hire horror stories and rental-rats. With all the things that go on in this grey market area of sharing goods online, the team have created a safe and easy way to borrow and share high-end garments. And listing a piece on LMT is completely free!


As a peer to peer sharing platform, it’s a golden opportunity to get out those one-time wears gathering dust in your closet and start your own side biz. The platform puts you in control, with the complete discretion of who hires what, and the insurance of LMT’s late, theft and garment protection policies. You can think of LMT as the middlemen, your wing-people, your business partners (and your dazzling new passive income – hello!)

If you’re super time-poor but still want in, then check out The LMT Collective. It’s where the team will manage everything for you for a small percentage of your now super profitable side biz. Have everything you want to list professionally photographed, profiled and prioritised. They personally honour renter’s requests, deal with logistics like postage and delivery and of course other nonsense, like dry-cleaning. All you need to do is chuckle on down to the bank and collect the cheque.


Knowing that we can now go and get our Bec & Bridge on a shoe-string budget is definitely great news! But it’s the team’s passion to spearhead the movement towards a sharing economy, that really gets the BT tick of approval. Of course, it’s becoming more pertinent that our disposable fashion mindset has major consequences, particularly for the environment. The demand for fast-fashion means hazardous dyes and cheap fabrics are polluting our waterways and not degrading causing a huge landfill problem. It sounds like a huge can of worms, because it is. The most important thing is knowing, every LMT item that is borrowed and not bought means you are participating in a fashion revolution (and looking mighty fine on Saturday nights). We are totally on board!

For all LMT’s tips and tricks on becoming more sustainable, read their amazing Mission here.


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