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How To Kick Butt At Work This Year

So, you want to kick butt at work this year? Who doesn’t! Whether you’re kick-starting your career, looking to climb the corporate ladder or feeling like this is your year to start your own business, we want you to GO FOR IT! However, kicking some serious butt at work ain’t that easy if you’re not prepared to give it your all. And that doesn’t just mean you have to hustle only when you walk through the office threshold. Na Uh! It’s a lifestyle choice, and you’re either all in, or not at all!

Here are our top tips to help you kick butt at work this year:

Be Organised 
Organisation shouldn’t end as soon as you leave the office. No way! To kick butt at work, you need to be organised at home too. From the washing and ironing to cooking, grocery shopping, lunch packing and exercising, establish your routine and stick to it. Grocery shopping on a Wednesday night sounds fine on you’re too busy having a great time on Sunday, but come 6pm Wednesday we can assure you it’ll be the last thing you’ll want to do!

Sleep Well

The benefits of a good snooze are truly incredible: it helps you concentrate better, it’s good for your health and immune system, it lowers stress and it puts you in a great mood. You sleep for one-third of your life, so doing it well is essential. To ensure you sleep well and wake up feeling fresh and energised, make sure your room is dark, don’t eat right before bed and have a fabulous mattress to fall onto at the end of the day. There’s nothing quite like a good sleep!How To Kick Butt At Work This Year | Brisbane ThreadsLook The Part

You know what they say: you can’t act the part if you don’t look the part. While every industry has a different standard of dress, look to your superiors for wardrobe inspiration and don’t you dare drop below their standards, no matter how tempting ripped jeans and sneakers seem. Stock your wardrobe with pencil skirts, enclosed shoes, midi skirts, blouse tops, a great black blazer, comfortable heels and tailored slacks and you’ll be able to mix and match no matter the season. Lacking inspiration? Look to the Blair Waldorf’s of the world and combine professionalism with your own personal flair (leave the sassy attitude and scheming at home though!).

For more workwear inspo, check out Your Work Wardrobe In 12 Items.
Eat Well
While we all have a giggle at the bounty of chia seeds, quinoa and kale in our newsfeeds, there’s no denying that when you eat well, you feel really, really good. So good in fact, that it reflects in everything you do. A healthy, wholesome diet will increase your productivity, give you more energy and will stop you from feeling flat and tired at 3pm. Opt for a healthy, wholesome diet and stay away from Coke, energy drinks, sugar, processed meals, sweets and takeaway as often as possible. Although balance is key, so take Gigi Hadid’s advice: Eat clean to stay fit – have a burger to stay sane. Bravo Gigi!
Be Inspired 
We love Renegade Collective for a monthly dose of “dream big” from some of the best, and most creative, entrepreneurs both in Australia and around the world. Find something, or someone, who inspires you and put it on your desk so you can reach for it whenever you are lacking inspiration and motivation. Another great way to stay inspired is to create a great work space that is functional and allows you to be creative. Create a mood board of inspiring images and quotes, play your favourite music, change your scenery every so often and get out there and meet new people. There is so much inspiration around us, you just have to find out what makes you buzz. How To Kick Butt At Work This Year | Brisbane ThreadsDon’t Stop Learning 
Whether it is enrolling in an eCourse, reading a business book or subscribing to blogs about industry, upskilling is an important part of slaying between 9 and 5. It’s also a great idea to stay up to date, so consume content and news about your industry, whether it’s hospitality, beauty services, marketing, construction or retail, there’s always something new to read and learn to build on your skills and practice.
Have Good Stationery 
Okay this one might seem slightly superficial, but who doesn’t love a good collection of stationery to pretty-up their desk situation. Always have a cute notepad on hand to scribble ideas in as they pop into your head, a pen (or 4) and a diary. Other (optional) essentials for your desk include a succulent plant, water bottle, photo frame, coffee mug, lipgloss and phone charger, all of the “so cute” variety of course.
So tell us, how do you plan on kicking some serious butt at work this year? We’d love to hear your goals, and how you plan on achieving them in the comments below so we can be your personal cheerleaders! 

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