Kate Stein: Fashion Parade

The gorgeous Kate Stein will showcase her latest collection on Friday 11th June at Substation No. 4.

Inspired by her recent travels through South East Asia – Kate Stein is relaunching as one of Brisbane’s most directional stylists. Her new collection combines influences from the developing world with her trademark psychedelic touch, and this party will showcase her work.


Friday 11th June, 7pm


Substation No. 4. 22 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane

A little bit from Kate:

I love travelling and hoarding weird stuff – which I suppose are quite conflicting.  I used to live in Germany and worked over there in a fashion house.  Then I moved to Brisbane and started studying fashion and public relations…. And then a little while later started up Kate Stein.  My favourite things are second hand, and only last week I bought a computer.  I shy away from buying new stuff and technology……

And we were lucky enough to have a quick chat to the gorgeous girl herself in between her uni assignments!

How would you describe the feel of your label?

Kate Stein has really gown since I started the label in 2009.  While I originally only created leggings, Kate Stein has shifted to more of a concept: an appreciation for art and creativity in general.  I focus more on styling and creating one-off collections and sourcing unique and rare finds.  Having said that, I still design leggings – although they are no longer my main passion. Ultimately I would love to take Kate Stein on a journey throughout my life, treating it as a concept/ way of living and not my business.

What was the inspiration behind your current collection?

My recent travels throughout South East Asia, appreciating the smaller things in life.

What piece in the collection should everyone buy right now?

Come along to the Kate Stein Launch Party on June 11th at the Substation No.4 on Petrie Terrace.  Here you can check out my latest jacket collection made from vintage Afghan dresses.  The event is sponsored by Beer Lao and there will be live DJ’s.  At the moment my website is under construction, so best off joining the facebook group (Kate Stein) and contacting me from there, or sending me an email at katestein.style@gmail.com.  Postage is free.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe right now?

80’s/ 90’s Suit Jackets!!

Who are your favourite style icons?

I don’t have a favourite style icon.  I do love browsing through LOOKBOOK though.  A favourite style icon is pretty much anyone who makes me do a double take in the moment, I love that!


Well we think Kate is a style icon to watch and can’t wait to see her work next Friday night!

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