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Beauty Tuesday: Introducing Julisa

Hi Beauties – Happy Beauty Tuesday! Today on the blog, we wanted to tell you more about one of our favourite local beauty brands that are moving and shaking it in the green beauty space. We are thrilled to introduce you to Julisa!

Born right here in Brisbane, Julisa was founded by two local ladies with a passion for green beauty and a love for all things nails and nail art. Their range is simply irresistible, with each polish a gorgeous shade with a hint of sparkle.
So without further ado, here are 10 fast facts about Julisa and the lovely ladies behind this Brisbane brand doing good in the nailpolish space:

  • Julisa was founded and is run by two local beauties, Juliet and Elisa, who merged their names together to name their cruelty-free, 5-toxin-free nail polish!
  • Julisa nail polishes are free from the big 5 toxic chemicals – formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor, which are all found in conventional nail polishes.
  • The colours are magnificent and super whimsical.
  • The Julisa Instagram account is fabulous, and their handle is @mermaidjulisa. Enough said.
  • Julisa is vegan with no animal derived ingredients and no animal testing, so they’re completely cruelty-free.
  • The Julisa team values kindness, individuality, sustainability, honesty and a great sense of humour – 5 values we can really support!
  • 5% of all profits are donated towards environmental sustainability initiatives, so every purchase gives back to the community and helps make your world more sustainable.
  • Julisa products are packaged in reusable drawstring bags made from eco-friendly materials and vegetable fibre. All cards are printed on recycled cardboard and packages are wrapped in green wrap, which is an eco-friendly biodegradable paper protective packing option made from recycled materials.
  • Green beauty is at the core of what Julisa is all about.
  • Julisa polishes are made just south of Brisbane on the Gold Coast to help the team minimise their carbon footprint.

Beauty Tuesday: Introducing Julisa | Brisbane ThreadsIf you’re keen to jump on board and join the Julisa party with us, the lovely ladies at Julisa have a special discount code just for you. At the checkout, just enter BT20 to receive 20% off with no minimum spend until June 30! There is also free shipping for all orders over $20, but only for a limited time.

As if that’s not enough, we’ll also be giving away some Julisa on Facebook and Instagram this week, so keep an eye out!

Are you as excited to follow the Julisa journey as we are? Jump over to Instagram for some serious nail inspiration unlike any other, to add to cart if you are in the market for some new hues on your nails and follow Julisa on Facebook to find out where they are popping up in Brisbane next!

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