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BT Style: Must Have Jackets For Winter In Brisbane

Most fashion gals crave the winter season for the seemingly endless layers they can add to their stylish everyday outfits. Here at Brisbane Threads we are no stranger to the waiting game when it comes to the winter months and our favourite coats, jackets and vests. And now, smack bang in the middle of winter, we can finally strut the streets as if we belong in the pages of Vogue (we think so anyway). It’s finally time to layer up, and I can hardly contain my excitement! If you’re not as eager as us, we’re here to give you a helping hand and styled 6 must have jackets that will keep you cosy and in good company through the chill of the coming weeks. Which jacket is your go-to style for winter? 

DENIM JACKETS – The denim jacket is my everyday go to jacket – so incredibly versatile, especially when you pair it with jeans for a bit of a hipster double denim look. Perfect for your Saturday morning errands, from breakfast and a visit to the markets to lunch ladies and a shopping trip. Pair it with a bold coloured shift dress, a bold lip a la Taylor Swift and don a pair of ankle boots and your multipurpose outfit is sorted. For the night crawlers, this jacket continues to work its magic, whether it be a girl’s night out, dinner and a movie or par-tay! Keep the bold lip and ankle boots, slip on a leather skirt and a chiffon blouse and voila, minimum change for maximum effect!

Must Have Jackets For Winter | Brisbane Threads

LEATHER JACKETS – Leather jackets are the nice girls guide to being bad-ass. Try an olive hue or charcoal black to make it more of an everyday statement piece and rock it from day to night. Wear it draped over your shoulders with black or white jeans, a tee and flats for a chic day time look and when the sun sets, switch to an audacious, bold fitted dress that will make jaws drop and traffic stop.

Must have Jackets For Winter | Brisbane Threads

FUR COAT – Channel your inner Cruela DeVil, minus the streaked hair and vengeance and vengeance against all things cute and cuddly and rock the soft (faux) fur coat this winter! It truly feels like leaving the house while being tucked up in a cloud of warmth! I pair mine with ripped denim, silk blouse and black ankle boots for a casual Friday work outfit because its perfect for those occasions when Friday knock-off drinks turn in to dinner with the gals and a night on the town! This is the ultimate outfit to take you from day to night in ultra chic style. This coat is also perfect for cocktail and formal occasions throughout winter. Whether the dress is long or short, couple your faux fur with a nude lip for an afternoon soiree and shift to red by night and you’ll be ready to take on the world. Just be careful not to wear too much jewellery, remember less is more, and this jacket definitely screams MORE.

Must have Jackets For Winter | Brisbane Threads

BLAZER – AH the trusty blazer. As if you could make it through a winter without this staple wardrobe piece. A blazer is the perfect transition from work to play in the seconds by swapping your work flats to pumps and lip gloss to lip stick. Pair it with a pencil skirt and blouse for tailored office attire, or for a more casual look, opt for a pair of boyfriend jeans and a printed scarf. No matter how you like it, long, cropped, collared, with pockets, stripy, classic or as bold as can be, this jacket is fabulous (and you probably should have 10 of them!).

Must have Jackets For Winter | Brisbane Threads

VESTS – Whether fur, puffer or cotton, vests are the perfect layering addition to any outfit, especially for us lucky Brisbane folk who can get away with it more than others. It’s a way to have fun with an outfit, and they’re the best kinds of outfits! A vest transforms a regular ensemble to a fashion-forward look faster than you can say Chanel. You can tailor this bold piece to suit your style, whether that be casual or a bit more fan-cy with embellishments and texture. Try a fur vest with a leather skirt and a t-shirt, or a puffer vest with converse and ripper jeans for the ultimate model-off-duty look.

Must have Jackets For Winter | Brisbane Threads

TRENCH COAT – Ah the trench, the building block to a great outfit! Whether you pop your collar, tie the front straps or leave it buttoned for the ultimate ‘I’m rushing somewhere but looking fabulous’ look, this is the coat to get you places and feel warm while you’re doing it. Team it with your staple LBD for a classic dinner look, or throw on a pair of skinny jeans, a blouse and a pair of boots for a more casual and chic feel.

Must have Jackets For Winter | Brisbane Threads

Now it’s over to you guys… what’s your must-have jacket for winter in Brisbane? 

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