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A Little Taste Of Italy

We make lots of choices throughout the day; piccolo or latte, to study or watch Netflix, go to the gym or sleep in, pizza or pasta. For me, there are three decisions that reign supreme, and they revolve around breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are indecisive like me, meal choices can be rather stressful and you end up with order envy when dining out and an uninspired dinner when eating in. The decision is made even more difficult when on the hunt for a good dose of Italian in Brisbane – how are you supposed to choose between the culinary gifts of the Italian motherland and then choose where to devour them!

Fear not, because if you fancy a bit of Italiano in Brisbane, the decision is easy and it starts with Beccofico and ends with La Macelleria. That’s right Brisbane, here’s your guide to a taste of Italy in the capital of the sunshine state. Let’s start with dinner…

Italian In Brisbane
Image from Beccofino

Located amongst the famous Wool stores in Tenerife, Beccofino is known for its authentic wood fired pizzas and northern Italian influenced dishes. They’re especially tasty as winter bears down on south east Queensland, so my advice is to keep warm with a carb-ilicious pasta overload. Yep, that’ll hit the spot.

 With lightly battered calamari, slow cooked duck ragu and handsome waiters (with accents might I add), it’s safe to say a night at Beccofino’s is sure to be a good one. They have an extraordinary wine list – even for those who “know their wine,” Beccofino’s will surprise and delight you. Accompanied by an array of aperitifs your Italian evening is near complete (Did you know an Aperitif is a small or large drink of alcoholic liquor taken to stimulate the appetite before a meal and it is usually a tasty inclusion in the Italian lifestyle).

Feeling indecisive about what to order? I’ve ordered (and loved) the Calamari fritti con rucola entree, the Woodfired pizza special (think prosciutto, mushrooms and artichoke topped with a secret cheese) and the Parpadelle al Ragu d’Anatra, a flat ribbon pasta dish with a duck and tomato ragu.

Italian in Brisbane
Image from Beccofino

And now for dessert. All hail dessert!

There is nothing better than authentic Italian gelato. Luckily for diners, La Macelleria is right across the road from Beccofino. This reinvention of the Italian gelato is nothing short of sensational. I like to marry these two Italian delights for the perfect night out. This is why after a feeding frenzy at Beccofino I highly recommend dropping into La Macellaria for some truly homemade Italian gelato.

 Their story is simple. Two dudes from Bologna, the homeland of gelato, wanted to give the cosmopolitan  city of Brisbane the real gelato experience. Not only can you watch the gelato making right before your eyes, but the array of ice-cream goodness offered is something else!  Gelato, sorbet, shakes, espresso and gelato cakes from their open-plan kitchen are just a few of the creamy delights that will make you want to squeeze a scoop (or two) in.

So what is my pick of the crop? Hazelnut gelato or the Coconut and hazelnut gelato! But of course, any flavour is bound to be undeniably, absolutely, without fail, good.

Italian in Brisbane
Image from La Macellaria

So what are you waiting for? Spread some Italian love this weekend and pop into Beccofino and La Macellaria, or even your local Italian favourite. If you’re feeling generous – we’d love to hear where you go for your Italian fix in the comments below!

P.S I suggest you don’t wear heels because you are likely to find yourself in line for a little while because this Italian hotspot is just SO good.  Also, the hustle and bustle of Teneriffe at feeding time can make it difficult to find a park, so remember it’s only a short stroll from the ferry and city cat stop.

P.P.S Brisbane is home to some great Italian restaurants. In fact, we dedicated a whole post to Italian pizzas here and you can find more Italian goodness here. I think this calls for a giant post on Brisbane’s best Italian restaurants…. what do you think?

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