INTERVIEW: Stacey @ Fashion Weekly


One of my favourite online magazines to read over a Sunday coffee is Fashion Weekly, and I love it more as the team hails from Brisbane!! Stacey – the Editor and owner – kindly gave us a few minutes of her time for an interview. Inspiring to say the least! xo


What inspired you to take on a monthly magazine?

It was a big decision to incorporate a monthly magazine with the existing online platform for Fashion Weekly. The main reason behind it was brand recognition and to give us a point of difference. It has been the best decision made for the company, and we are really enjoying producing our digital issues.

I have a great team behind me and we are always pushing the boundaries with unique editorials, exclusive content and fashion forward concepts.

What is your favourite part of running the magazine?

My favourite part about running the magazine would be deadline day. As soon as everything is complete, I can sit back and admire the hard work my team has put in.

Did you have experience in fashion or online publishing?

I studied fashion from 2005-2009, and then went on and studied business. I launched my own fashion label in 2011 and designed couture pieces for my clients. I noticed how competitive the market was, and having previously interned at Fashion Weekly, when the company went up for sale and I felt like my next move was to indulge in the world of media and online publishing.

So I bought the company, I started my new venture and I haven’t looked back since.

What has been your most exciting moment in your journey so far?

A highlight in my career thus far, would probably be interviewing Kirstie Clements, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia. To sit across the table from her, and talk about her hardships and achievements inspired me in ways I couldn’t believe. It was the most surreal and humbling experience of my life. I always say, next is Karl Lagerfeld!

What is your advice for someone wanting to start their own business?

My advice is patience and hard work. Nothing worth having will come easy. If you can be persistent and focused, you will achieve positive end results.

I also think it’s important to have mentors or a great support system around you. Stay passionate and always be true to yourself. Don’t make decisions based on influence, stay true to your brand / company and set yourself apart with a point of difference.


How do you think living in Brisbane helps/hinders your business growth?

Brisbane is home. I love it here and I think that as long as I can keep an open mind and have my finger on the pulse as to what is happening nationally or internationally, the location will not hinder my business.

Being online our content already has an international reach, so that is not a concern for me.

In saying that, Brisbane is moving forward and starting to build momentum. For example, when TopShop TopMan opened it’s doors, it proved that the big players are starting to recognise the Brisbane consumer along with their wants and needs.

What is your goal for 2014?

Fashion Weekly’s goals for 2014 is to maintain, grow and build. We are looking at having a few VIP events at the end of this year, as well as expanding our team. We also have some new ambassadors who are jumping on board and we will introduce them to our readers next month. So basically, we are just running forward!

It’s getting cold!! What are your tips for Winter fashion?

I really don’t like feeling cold, so my biggest tip for Winter is layers. Layer multiple scarves or coats. I am also obsessed with thigh high boots worn with denim jeans and comfy knit jumpers teamed with bold accessories.

What are a couple of items on your shopping wish-list right now?

My current wish list is a shopping trip to Paris, Donna Karan Wrap Dress ($2,360), Jimmy Choo Beige Leather Pumps ($743), and a Jade Bangle.

Where are your favourite places in Brisbane to – eat, shop, play?

Chester Street is my favourite place to eat. I am in love with their wood fired pizzas and delicious desserts! So during the week you will find me there.

To shop, I’m usually found on James Street, Westfield Carindale or Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

To play, you can find me sipping on a cocktail at Alfred and Constance or Limes Hotel, relaxing by the beach soaking in the sun and the view or spending time with     my huge and loving family.

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