International Women’s Day Breakfast

International womens day

Thursday 8th March 2012 was International Women’s Day. The gorgeous girls from Butter PR were kind enough to invite me along to the celebratory breakfast at The Marque Hotel in Brisbane.

Celebrity MC, Emily-Jade O’Keefe, hosted the light-hearted panel discussion with Michelle Weaver (CEO Velg Training), Megan Winter (Director Motor Mouth Social Media) & Juli Grbac (Australian Fashion Designer).

It was an amazing experience being in the same room as such inspirational women and being able to ask them questions up close and personal!

The three stand-out moments for me where….

1. When Emily-Jade (who is a new mother) expressed her struggle getting back into the workplace and being torn between wanting her career back and wanting to spend time with her new baby. The question posed to Michelle Weaver; “How do you have it all?” Interestingly enough Michelle didn’t respond with the generic work-your-arse-off, be organised, stay positive kind of response. She was real. And answered honestly. “You can’t” She said. And I am para-phrasing here… but Megan shared with us that when it was her turn to have children and have her career she had to make a choice. And for her that choice was getting help at home with the kids so she could continue her work.

It was really refreshing to hear, not because I am wanting a family, but you read so much about successful people and the mantra ‘work harder’ ‘work harder’ is drilled into you. It is good to hear that she lives in the real world and it is OK to need help.

2. Juli Grbac was explaining her journey and made the comment that when she was briefed on the breakfast topic she had to ask a friend, “What is a glass-ceiling?” Wow! When we hear the words ‘women’ and ‘business’ used in the same sentence there is so much chatter about ‘what challenges you face’. Isn’t it fabulous that this isn’t even a consideration for Juli, she follows her dreams – there are no barriers or ‘glass-ceilings’!!

3. Megan Winter who is the Director at Motor Mouth Social Media who commented, “You’ve got a business plan, you’ve got a marketing plan…. But when it comes to social media most people think…oh I’ll just do that…. You’ve got to have a plan for that as well!” It makes me think of how many Facebook pages that I have ‘liked’ and never seen again. Then the ones that are always in my feed offering me information that I am interested in and sparking conversations. We hope Brisbane Threads’ Facebook Page is the latter!

What a fantastic event! And what a fabulous group of women!

Thank you again to Butter PR for having us along.

We can’t wait for this time next year!

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