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If you’ve been paying attention to the interior design trends of 2017, you’ll know that funky, accented lighting is where it’s at. It’s a winner in our eyes too- adding colour and character to any space and is of course functional to boot. No matter the overall style of your home or office, there’s something to suit that’ll brighten up any room (pun intended).


It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly makes minimalism so aesthetically pleasing. It could be the straight lines, simple colouring or pared down design. Honestly we have no idea, but the good news is that it’s easy to replicate! Over the years it’s evolved to include a range of soft, fresh colours and prints including powder blue and blush (millennial) pinks. A pendant or statement light can be enough to brighten and add a bit more fun to a simple minimalist room as it will contrast against the whites and greys

JD Lighting: 12.


The good news is that Scandinavian interior design is always in style. (Ikea would be out of business if it wasn’t…) The muted timbres blend well with your current homewares and add an easy freshness to the room that is so unexplainably easy on the eye. The style has grown to incorporate darker shades of wood, however the clean, sunny  shade (pictured above) is all the rage and is effortlessly chic.

JD Lighting 12. 3.


Now a while ago, we heard somewhere along the grapevine that brass and copper were ‘out’… Perhaps instead they meant was that we simply needed to pare it back a bit, and you’d have to be living under a rock for the past year not to agree. The trend did go into a bit of overkill territory there for a while- it was everywhere. Now instead, look to integrate splashes of chrome, brass and copper to brighten up a dull space. The beauty of these flashy shades is that they pop well against all colours, particularly dark green- the new it colour of 2017!

JD Lighting: 12. 3.

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