Interior Design – What I’m loving this year

The beginning of the year always gets me excited for change. I like to make updates each year to my living environment as a small symbol of fresh starts.

I’m a pretty avid reader of The Design Files, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge and many more beautiful interiors blogs as well as Pinterest being my happy place. I’ve come up with some ideas of what my interior dreams are for this year based on what’s on-trend and just some personal faves.

  1. Bold Statement Pieces. Please don’t get this confused with feature walls. Feature walls are very very much NOT what I mean. I’m talking bright rugs and artwork, clashing prints and textures. Think BIG art and layered big rugs. It can be scary getting too ‘busy’ so keep your walls and floors simple and clean with crisp whites, greys and soft neutrals.coral homes
  2. Bring the outside in. We’ve been seeing greens making a major come-back over the past couple of years. I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Pop down to your local nursery and get yourself some tall greens for the floor or small ferns for your table. I’m loving mother-in-law’s tongue (pictured) because it’s easy to propagate and share around. I love the height and the fact that it’s hard to kill! Surrounding yourself in greens has a somewhat calming effect on the mind. They’re fab decorative items but I really think they have encourage a peaceful atmosphere too.
  3. Giant Photos. Get them in your home. I like them black and white personally.coral homes
  4. Steel and timber are not over yet. When I think of this, I think industrial design. In my humble opinion, it’s still going strong. Get some harsh metals into your kitchen but incorporate elements of the outside, like timber and greens. I love this kitchen (pictured above) that I found on the Coral Homes website and the mix of timber, metal, stone and leather.
  5. Mindful purchasing is the new mason jar. And by that I mean, mason jars are over, lets accept it and move on… Start thinking about where your home wares and furniture are coming from. Try and source goods from local designer. Stop thinking quantity and start thinking quality. My husband is definitely a quantity buyer. For the past six year I’ve been working hard at re-training that mentality. Think about the family you are supporting, the length of life your piece will have, and where the materials were sourced from. Resist the cheap impulse purchase and keep saving your pennies just a few more weeks or months. Before you know it, you’ll be able to afford the beautiful quality recycled-timber table you saw down the road. Also, don’t be afraid to spend money on vintage furniture. More often than not you’ll still get more life out of it then something from a furniture chain.

I hope this has inspired you to do some updates to your home environment. Here’s to new starts in freshened surroundings and a peaceful, relaxing 2015.

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