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The Suit of all Suits – My Experience with Institchu

Let me start by saying that when I say “my experience with Institchu” I am largely speaking writing on behalf of my partner Matt. In saying that, it was a pretty darn good experience for the both of us, he’s just the one that gets to wear the suit!

But let’s start at the beginning of our Institchu story… a couple of months ago I received an email about an Australian suit start-up changing the way people make and buy tailored suits. At a glance, I didn’t think much of it, however, I was quickly moved from”meh” to “we have to do this” once I found out a little more about Institchu and how the process works.

To sum it up for you, Institchu is the home for high-quality, custom-made menswear and suits, which can be designed online via their website, or in one of the retail showrooms, such as the one we visited on Queen Street in the CBD. With Institchu, you can create and design every single element of the suit, and have every piece of fabric fitting exactly to your measurements. Which is great for a number of reasons, such as the fact that Matt’s shoulder span could rival an Olympic swimmer, so he always has to go up a size to fit his shoulders in (#firstworldproblems, i know).

So, after being introduced to Institchu and having a play online to see what kind of suit we he wanted, we made an appointment and found ourselves in the hands of the Brisbane team in no time. Within about 30 minutes, we had picked out the fabric, colour, stitching, length and cuff combination of our his dreams, as well as my favourite part, the personalised, monogrammed stitching on the inside of the jacket.Institchu Brisbane | Brisbane ThreadsOnce we had designed the suit, they measured Matt up to get all of the custom measurements (he’s since been told not to grow, shrink or transform the bod too much since it’s built to fit his body as it is right now). We left the Brisbane showroom in anticipation, wondering if we had made the right choices or if we should change anything, but we left it to the suited up Gods to make our suit dream a reality.

A couple of weeks later, the suit was ready! Made exactly the way we had specified, with high-quality fabrics, gorgeous stitching and in a lightweight, breathable fabric perfect for Brisbane. With the help of the Institchu team and their expert knowledge, we had designed a suit that we both loved. It fit like glove and hung on his body like a dream, and we left thinking, what we can arrange in the next week to give him an excuse to wear the suit (he’s a tradie, so not many opportunities come up for a dress up!). Nonetheless, the suit is incredible, and is waiting patiently for its debut at the next wedding, engagement party, ball, work function or god forbid, the next race day (I cringe, it’s too good for the races). To say we are stoked with our Institchu experience is an understatement!!

So, if you know a man who needs a good suit, Institchu must be your go-to. It’s perfect if he wears suits to work (nothing like a good cost-per-wear formula to justify it), or if he needs something custom made (when off-the-rack just doesn’t tick all of the boxes). Institchu is also great for wedding parties, because you can design the exact same suit for all of the groomsmen, just in different sizes, rather than finding a suit, and hoping it will fit all of them. Whatever you need, Institchu can do it for you, and I can guarantee you’ll never own, or see, a better suit.

To make your very own Institchu suit, jump online and start the design process, or pop into the Brisbane showroom and have a chat with the friendly staff to kick-start the process with a helping hand – tell them we sent you 🙂

Institchu Brisbane | | Phone: 3012 7730 | Address: Level 1, Suite 112, 180 Queen Street, Brisbane | Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 9-6pm; Thursday and Friday 9-7.30pm; Saturday 9-5pm.

Institchu Brisbane | Brisbane ThreadsInstitchu Brisbane | Brisbane Threads Institchu Brisbane | Brisbane Threads Institchu Brisbane | Brisbane ThreadsInstitchu Brisbane | Brisbane Threads

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