I went for the coffee..and stayed for the Small Talk.


When my alarm goes off at 6am there is one thing on my mind. Coffee. But not just any coffee. Good coffee. REALLY GOOD COFFEE. I just don’t see the point in putting crap into my body and paying $4 for the privilege. OK rant over.

On Wednesday afternoon last week my desire for an afternoon pick-me-up drew me into newly opened Small Talk Espresso, located in Paddington.

Small Talk Espresso is tucked away in an old bank vault (so cool) around the corner from Le Bon Choix on Given Terrace. And whilst Paddington has loads of atmosphere and choices, there is something about this new little boutique coffee house that gets me rather excited!

I walked in and was greeted by the fabulous Rolando having a chin-wag with one of the locals. I could tell straight away this was going to be an experience. The vibe was chilled, friendly and the smell of coffee was delicious!

Rolando whipped me up a flat-white (my current coffee of choice)… and told me about the exclusive Small Talk blend of Belissimo Coffee he spent a week designing. They also serve Vietnamese coffee but I decided one was enough for the day and put it on my list of things to try next time! My cup was served saucer-free and I wondered why no one else in Brisbane had thought of that yet!

We settled into one of the bench seats and time quickly got away from us as we talked about Rolando’s Melbournian origins; love for music and travel and the dreams he has for Small Talk. The idea of serving great coffee and creating meaningful connections with his customers was almost enough to make me consider a career change. I was overwhelmed by his down-to-earth approach to his craft and to his customers.

What I love most about the whole team’s approach is there understanding of the client… They are so focused on their customers and understand that its hard to small talk before your morning coffee hit.

Adding to the list of unique reasons to pay them a visit include; phone and iPad chargers for customer use (I can’t tell you how useful that is); free wi-fi; dumplings by Dumpling Envy (recently mentioned as one of Brisbane’s Best Market Stalls by the Urban List); chalk for the kids to draw on the exposed concrete walls and have a range of authentic vietnamese food for a healthy lunchtime option under $10.

Rolando has some big ideas for his bank-vault turned coffee house…. and I can’t wait to share them with you once he has announced them! For now… you’ll just have to pop-in and enjoy a good cup of coffee and some great Small Talk.




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