How to break in high heels… with Princess Chic!

We are addicted to ridiculous heels, but always the first to complain on the dancefloor about how much our feet hurt… so we thought we’d enlist the experts when it comes to a “How to” guide to breaking in high heels.

The fabulous Princess Chic is Mecca for all things shoes. Not only can you purchase shoes from their range – but you can also custom design and order your very own unique pair! If you love your shoes as much as we do, you simply must visit their website and pick yourself up a pair (or 3 like we did!). When you receive your gorgeous new pieces of heaven in the mail be sure to follow these steps to break them in!

How to break in high heels…

  1. Get home from your shopping spree, pour yourself a glass of chardy.
  2. Rummage through bags looking for the killer heels you have bought.
  3. Sit and admire your new shoes .
  4. Slip old comfy shoes off and feel the tight leather of the new heels pinch your feet .
  5. Stand up and refill chardy .
  6. Try not to wince at pinching of the shoes .
  7. Practice walking around the house like a supermodel .
  8. Admire your legs in the new heels each time you walk past the mirror.
  9. Keep walking even when your heels are bleeding and your toes are being welded together.
  10. After a few days of the above activity you will be able to walk down the street like a supermodel till your heart’s content.
  11. As a less painful alternative, wear your shoes for half an hour every day.
  12. After a few days your shoes will be broken in!

And while you are walking around in them every day we thought we’d get a little tip on looking after them as well…

Before wearing them make sure you spray them with a waterproofer or protective spray to help protect the shoes and make them last longer. Before storing them make sure they are clean and if necessary stuff with paper so they retain their shape. Get them resoled or reheeled if they are worn. Fix them before they die. Prevention is better than cure.

But if all of this is a little too much and you just want to check out some amazing shoes go to Princess Chic!

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