Here comes the sun

I went to the beach last weekend, as I do most weekends. This past weekend I was however by what I had seen, because it was something that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

I saw a couple literally frying themselves.

They turned up at the beach after I was all set up so I got a good chance to watch them. Down went the towels. Out popped the Reef Coconut Oil. Liberally applied to their bodies, t-shirts applied to their faces and I watched as they turned a cancerous shade of tan.

Seriously. I really didn’t think that anyone still coconut oiled up their bodies to fry themselves anymore, but I guess I was mistaken. Who knew skin cancer was so cool?

So I think it is time for the sun protection message to be touted around Brisbane again, because if we are all still sunbaking with coconut oil on, then something isn’t getting through.

Slip: Slip on a shirt. Or a lovely hippie kaftan. Or, lay out under an umbrella with a hell of a lot of sunscreen on.

Slop:  Slop on some sunscreen. Make sure you chose a broad spectrum sunscreen to make sure you get both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays. One causes cancer and one makes you look 80 when you are 30 so ensure you protect against both. SPF 15+ coconut oil is not enough, ensure you have at least an SPF 30+ on when you head into the Australian sun. SPF 15 only filters 93% of the suns UV rays for up to two hours. SPF 30+ filters 97% of the UV rays for up to 2 hours. ALWAYS REAPPLY. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, no sunscreen will be effective after two hours. If you are going in the water, choose a water resistant one. My favourite body sunscreen is the Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen, because it is super awesome and non-greasy. My favourite facial sunscreen is the Invisible Zinc ESP Moisturizer. For those of you who wear makeup to the beach and therefore cannot reapply liquid sunscreen, take the Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield Foundation. In a stick form and very blendable, this baby contains SPF30+ to keep you from growing wrinkles. At the very least have some mineral makeup powder on hand and reapply liberally every couple of hours. Mineral makeup has a natural SPF, and whilst it may not be the best it is better than nothing!  PS. Don’t forget your lips with a lipbalm which contains SPF!


Slap: Slap on a hat. All surf shops have some wicked sweet hats. If you really don’t suit hats, sit under an umbrella.

Wrap: Wrap on some sunnies. Everyone wears these, I can’t imagine someone to have an excuse for this one.

Do all this, or say hi to early wrinkles. I think I would rather Anne Hathaway’s skin than Donnatella Versace’s, wouldn’t you?

Love Tegan (Tegania’s Thoughts) x

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