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Healthy Desserts In Brisbane: A Guilt-free Round-up

With winter having graced us with its promise of hearty soups and stews, an aura of comforting desserts lingers in the cool breeze. But don’t fear, you fit Brisbane foodies, because here is a solution that will see you having your cake and eating it too… it’s a round up of healthy desserts in Brisbane that will keep you happy and healthy. It’s a win-win.

There are a few enchanting and mystical places in Brisbane that master decadently delicious delicacies and oh-so-newsworthily nutritious desserts, all the while being guilt-free indulgences that satisfy our sweet tooth without making our stomach ache. Whether you’re one of our gluten-free or dairy-free friends with specific requirements, or perhaps just a pal looking for a healthier alternative, there is a small (and growing) army of desserts in Brisbane that tick all of the boxes for guilt-free indulgence.

So without further ado, here is a round-up of healthy desserts in Brisbane (trust us, we have done a lot of research (proof here)!).

Healthy Desserts | Brisbane Threads

Botanica Real Food – Botanica’s front window gives the impression of grandma’s house, where all the treats are stacked and arranged on striking saucers, in a lovely array among bunches of flowers and fresh loaves of bread. It’s as if all the aromas meddle and dance around our heads in a symphony of teasing, tormenting and temptation. The good news is, Botanica’s bundles of sweet goodness are gluten free, so help yourself to that swanky vegan brownie with coconut caramel (did I mention dairy and egg free), or opt for the chorus of muffins and cupcakes jam-packed and overflowing with berries or dairy free Callebaut Chocolate fudge cookie.

Pana Chocolate have conjured a concoction for the modern day chocoholic. Pana Chocolate have really thought of every little flavour combination that your mouth could possibly dribble over when it comes to chocolate. Think coconut and goji, cinnamon, pure cacao, fig and wild orange, rose, mint and sour cherry and vanilla. Pana Chocolate is not only free from preservatives, gluten, refined sugar, dairy and soy, it’s also low GI, vegan and produced using minimal heat! It is also bursting with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals! And, as if we don’t already feel like devouring block upon block of this delicious chocolate, the profusion of rich and flavoursome ingredients are all handpicked where they are produced; Cacao pods from Bolivia, Coconuts from the Philippines, Cacao Butter from Peru, Dark Agave Nectar from Mexico. Oh how well travelled we will all soon become!

Speaking of culture, have you ever dreamed of eating macaroons in Paris? Dream no further because Marche Du Macaroon are bringing the dream alive, and everyone can fulfill their fantasies. Marche du Macaroon is the new Brisbane go-to home for gluten free macaroons that taste as good as they look. Soft, tender, rich and oh so sweet, these not so innocent macaroons really do take you back to that sweet cafe in Paris where you met Prince Charming (in your dreams or in reality). With many flavours to choose from, you are spoilt for flavour, so why not pack some for the road (if they last that long)!

If you’re a sweet tooth, breakfast food lover, super food enthusiast or icecream connoisseur, you need to try Kiss the Berry (it’ll make you literally want to Kiss that Berry!). After you master the pronunciation of acai and take that first mouthful of tangy, sweet, sorbet like berry into your mouth, you will be reaching for a loyalty card and frequently join the cult of acai aficionados who have taken residency around Brisbane. For something extra sweet without the naughty, the Snickers Bowl deserves all of the praise for its marvellous blend of acai, banana, raw cacao, almond butter, almond milk and coconut water, and topped with banana, raspberries, coconut and cacao nibs. I know what you are thinking…something called ‘snikers’ and so delightful can’t feasibly be good to the waistline, can it? Well my lovely foodies, eating your words will never taste as delicious as this!

While we’re on the topic of icecream alternatives that taste like the ‘real thing,’ lets talk about Coco Whip. There’s no need to hide behind those baggy jumpers this winter or go without icecream on date night, because Coco Whip (available at selected cafes in Brisbane) is a completely natural, vegan, gluten and dairy free masterpiece! This soft serve delicacy is a fabulous substitute to a tub of Ben and Jerry’s (although we love it so much), and we can guarantee you will love the new passionfruit cheesecake and choc mint coco whip flavours. These frozen desserts are made from coconut water and organic bio-fermented coconut powder and are low in sugar, high in antioxidants, protein and healthy fats! Zero guilt dessert, here we come!

While Brisbane is booming where doughnuts are concerned, Nodo Donuts is a superhero for working to keep the foodie trend alive, our tummies happy and our abs ever bulging (that’s right, abs AND dessert!). Their philosophy ‘Eat Donuts For Breakfast’ redefines their clever moniker with their gluten free, baked not fried, drool worthy circles of wholesomeness and happiness. You can source these gems at Press, Reverends, The Single Guys and many more, as well as at numerous markets around Brisbane. And because Nodo really are the friendliest donuts in the world, they are spreading their glowing happiness, and mood augmenting foods to their own Brisbane bakery in Newstead come August.

And finally, I Heart Brownies is a force that must be mentioned. The team at I Heart Brownies are committed to the double entendre of feeling your best; firstly because the brownies are so god-damn delicious you can’t help but bear a huge grin after scoffing one down, and secondly, the ingredients are sourced via sustainable means and are gluten free, making you feel good from the inside out. Move over fads and diets, there is a new dessert darling in town that is full of fudgy wholesomeness with dairy free dark chocolate hiding inside. It’s just another healthy way to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

If we lost you at gluten free and organic ingredients fear not, because there are still A LOT of naughty treats on the Brisbane foodie scene, so give yourself a break from the healthy routine and give that undeniable sweet tooth a fix of the good stuff (you know, the really really bad stuff also known as sugar). Our favourite undeniable sweet treats are cronuts from The Chocolate Komberry Co., nutella doughnut from Doughnut Time, white chocolate and macadamia Ice-cream from La Marchetta and the Nake Pops from Cowch.

Still can’t find something to satisfy your cravings with round-up of Brisbane’s best – perhaps you want to make your own? Here’s a little Romanian treat I make when I feel a little homesick.

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