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You may have all seen or heard of this wonderful initiative in Brisbane, Having A Go Coffee.  You might have heard it’s helping our most deserving residents stand up and build a new life out of difficult circumstances.  You might have heard the coffee’s great.  You might have heard it was in a bit of strife recently and very nearly had to close it’s doors.  You might have heard it didn’t.

Having A Go was built from the idea that Brisbane wants to help its residents, and if our previous natural disasters and tragedies have taught us anything it’s that we help each other out.

Located at 262 Old Cleveland Road Cooparoo, Having A Go employs only homeless or people in need, by offering full training and employment they are helping people rebuild their lives with meaningful and gainful employment.

Owner, Grant “The Polite Guy” Richards, knows first hand what it’s like to go from successful family man to sleeping on the streets with a very grey outlook.  Starting by selling the Big Issue and gaining confidence from his regular customers, Grant began collecting clothes to donate and organising the regular BBQ for the homeless.  Grant saw a way to help and coupled with Dalton Hospitality Having A Go Coffee was born.

Together they have a plan for 50 Having A Go style cafes employing homeless people around Brisbane by July next year.  It’s ambitious, but the so far success of Coorparoo’s café has shown that the community is clearly behind them.

Next time you’re in the area, pop in for your favourite brew, the café serves all your favourites and will accommodate ‘suspended’ orders – a coffee that a homeless or in need person can claim purchased thoughtfully by you.

The shop also serves as a collection point for clothes, toiletries and blankets for their regular BBQs to support the homeless.

Get behind them Brisbane, we all deserve a go.

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