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Fun Group Activities In Brisbane

Sure, we’re all adults around here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on the weekend when we hang out with our friends. If you’ve finally managed to gather the troops and assemble for some quality time together, you better have a good plan in place for your platonic group date. Here are your choices for fun group activities in Brisbane.

Bar Chat

A Sunday afternoon drinks session with your crew is not complete without some good quality bar chat. If the conversation lulls or you just want to have a bit of fun (read: get silly) on your weekend, make like the love birds and play 20 questions, but make them quirky and fun (no loved up puppy dog eyes allowed). Break the lines of creativity and ask something funky like “If you could have a title sequence what would it look like?” or “What do you think your life’s theme song should be?” If you let loose and have fun with it you’ll likely be the group lolling about in bliss at the bar, and who doesn’t want that.


If you’ve got some people in your group who are competitive or like a little brainteaser, put your mind to work and head to Escapism to analyse each other, rather than your surroundings! In this new experience to hit Brisbane, groups of 2 – 6 people are given the choice of three rooms and are dared to nuzzle their way out with a string of tricky, hidden clues. It’s fun, and gives you time to really get to know one another (you’re trapped in a small room for one hour!).

Saturday Markets

The expert’s say that food is the passage to the heart, so why not get an early start and gather at your local farmers market for breakfast followers by hunting and gathering for the week ahead. You can share and enjoy a variety of scrumptious bites while you wander around in the sun. Pick out a bunch of flowers to take home and stock up on artisan bits and pieces for round two at someones humble abode. Farmers markets produce make the best cheese platters! If you’re looking for a market near you, check out this post on Brisbane’s best farmers market to find your local.

Cooking classes

If you’ve got some gourmands in your tribe, test their skills in the kitchen with a cooking class. Brisbane has a range of them scattered throughout the city, like The Golden Pig in Newstead and James Street Cooking School in New Farm. Learn to cook a range of dishes from brunch, curry, Asian influenced dishes, pasta and dessert. Afterwards, you can enjoy your creations with a few classes of wine as you laugh off mistakes – there’s always one who burns toast.

Bike Riding

Bike riding is not just for loved up couple touring Europe – it can actually be really fun in your home town too, especially with a groups of mates (sans lycra of course). Take a leisurely ride along the river with the wind in your hair – the river loop of west end, southbank, kangaroo point, new farm and the botanical gardens are all perfect for a bike ride follower by group picnic in the park. If you’re more interested in the fitness aspect, challenge yourself to an gruelling workout and tackle an epic route.

Mad Dance House

A sure fire way to break the ice and relax is through dance. Mad Dance House offer a range of styles from zumba, trampolining, hip hop, salsa and ballet, so there’s no better way to get active while laughing your head off at friends with no rhythm. If there’s still good times to come, keep the theme alive and head out to dinner and drinks – Cha cha cha your way to a Cuban restaurant if you have just tried salsa, or spoil yourself in one of Brisbane’s countless American joints (there’s a list here) if you have just learned to hip hop.


Say goodbye to Thursday nights in, and say hello to Soul’sa at Cloudland from 8:30pm, when the unique metropolitan haven turns into a Latino influenced, jazzy Cuban music dance hall. Invite your pals to switch their tempo to double time and groove the night away. Even better if you aren’t looking to break the budget before the weekend has begun, the live music and dance classes are free… you might just have to splurge on a tequila or two to keep you cha cha cha-ing all night long.

Playing with food

For all the dreamers out there, dessert is always a good option. Cowch, has it all. The sweet ambiance, the fire, the delicious and mesmerising hot chocolates and dessert creativity, all in one. Pick from a range of flavoured ice cream blocks, choose a topping of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, then pick your accompaniments from a large assortment of fruit, chocolate and lollies! It’s everything your heart desires in a single serving!

Bowling Fun 

We know what you’re going to say, this is so 2005. But believe us when we say bowling is still fun! Combine tasty cocktails, thumping music and dorky shoes and you’ve got Strike Bowling Bar in the Wintergarden, perfect for lots of laugh and a little girls vs boys competition.

Sporting Vibes 

Keep it super casual and head to the football for a night out with half of Brisbane. Pick a code – AFL, NRL, Union or Soccer – wear the team colours and get merry as you cheer them on to victory (hopefully). You don’t even have to like sport to enjoy a night at the football, the vibe is electric and you definitely see the vibrant side of the city’s folk.

What is your favourite group activity? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list!

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