Goodbye Hangover. Hello Recoverthol.

If you spend your Saturday night painting the town red then you are sure to encounter the inevitable – especially if you plan to consume a bit too much of that red. And by the inevitable we mean, one epic hangover. Whether your remedy is good food, bad food, bed rest or just becoming one with the mantra “I AM NEVER DRINKING EVER AGAIN,” dealing with effects of a hangover is usually only once the damage is done. So naturally, when we discover a product to prevent all of that, we go away, we do some essential research (a few red wines) and then we deliver the insider tip of the day: it works!


Recoverthol is an Australian made, scientifically formulated liquid taken whilst drinking to prevent a hangover. In one packet, you will find four small snap open 2ml vials that contain clear Alcohol Dehydrogenase cofactors. These cofactors are naturally found in your body to help metabolise alcohol. Think of one vial as one extra dose of cofactors that will help to process up to 4-5 standard drinks. This means symptomatic relief of a hangover. *Cue fiesta*


The amazingness of this product is how unique it is from others like it on the market. Instead of treating the aftermath aka the hangover itself, it’s taken as more of a preventative agent. It’s also absolutely tasteless, so you actually don’t even notice it. It’s not like hard to swallow tablets, you literally just stir it into your first drink.

Take note, while it does maximize next day productivity and it does protect your liver against toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism, it doesn’t promise you won’t drunk call old loves and it totally won’t hold your hair back if you drink too much. It should be said it doesn’t decrease (or increase for that matter), the effects of alcohol. That’s important! Recoverthol is simply a product to help you drink smart and be on your A-game the next day, rather than push your limits.


Grab your own Recoverthol off the website here. You can also download their super helpful app! It’s a completely free self-quantifying tool to see how long it will take for your body to clear a drink out of your system based on your weight and gender. It also gives you recommended guidelines so you can drink responsibly.


We think you should use Recoverthol as your secret weapon for speedy next day recovery. A fun fact, alcohol-related absenteeism equates to 11.5 million work days lost per annum at a cost of $3 billion to the Australian economy! So going back to the start, rephase the mantra I am never drinking ever again to I am never drinking without my Recoverthol ever again and you’re good to go.


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