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Beauty Tuesday: Go-To Skincare

I’ve loved Zoe Foster Blake long before she joined forces with funnyman Hamish to make the perfect duo and cute-as-pie bubba. I loved her when she was dishes out witty relationship advice in Cosmo, when Amazing face became my young adult beauty bible and when her novel The Younger Man captured me from cover to cover, the epitome of chick lit if I do say so myself. So, when the talented woman launched Go-To Skincare in April 2014, I couldn’t hit add to cart fast enough.

Go-To Skincare has become a staple in my beauty routine, especially Properly Clean and Lips! Properly Clean is a gentle, effective foam facial cleanser that is the perfect to smother your face in while in the shower. I use it every time I shower (except when I’m trying out other new products for Beauty Tuesday features) and it never fails to leave my skin feeling clean and fresh. Lathering on some moisturiser afterwards is required, and then I’m ready to apply makeup, or jump in to bed if it’s after dark.

Then there’s Lips! I’ve had two tubes of Lips! on the go since the beginning of the year – one on my desk at work and another with all of my everyday beauty products at home. I apply from each tube daily, and I’m yet to completely finish one, so I can assure you it lasts a very long time and the price point is spot on. Plus – who doesn’t want their lips to smell peachy?! I don’t know how many times I rummaged through my bag and almost thrust Lips! into a friends face to give them the whole experience – touch, smell, taste, texture… the lot! My only recommendation when it comes to Lips! is to keep it in on your desk or organised in your beauty tray rather than floating in your handbag because the gunk in your bag gets into it over time (yuck!). Other than that, Lips! is a lifesaver every day, and especially when travelling, running errands and on the weekend.

Go-To Skincare | Brisbane Threads

Another note about Go-To… every product is made with natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals and they’re cruelty-free. It’s an uncomplicated, effective and easy to use combination that makes us, and many others, oh so happy! Beauty Editors around the country, and dare I say scattered in pockets around the world, have fallen head over heels for Go-To Skincare (and that’s not because of it’s gorgeous packaging or the witty checkout process). Nadia Bartel, Chrissie Swan, Nikki Parkinson, Leigh Campbell, Jesinta Campbell and so many more are proud supporters of Zoe’s curated range, and the brand was even featured in the October issue of British Vogue and has been featured in Cosmopolitan and Elle Australia’s beauty pages – that’s a mighty tick of approval.

Go-To honestly is my Go-To.

Go-To Skincare | Brisbane Threads

Are you a fan of Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster Blake? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

8 thoughts on “Beauty Tuesday: Go-To Skincare

  1. Teagan! What a breathtaking review! Thank you so much. I am so thrilled you are getting so much enjoyment and healthy skin from Go-To. Also that layout is so rad it makes me kind of wish that was our logo.

    1. Zoe! (You’ve just totally made my day/week/year and I’m definitely fan-girling right now but) thanks for stopping by and reading our little love post about Go-To, we’re huge fans, if you can’t already tell. Keep doing what you’re doing! Big love – Teagan

  2. Love love love Go-To!! It feels so good and smells so good I am obsessed with it and not to mention my skin has lost it’s redness and cleared up quite a bit (I have swapped cleansers from an expensive brand).

    I adore the face hero, and next on my hit list is lips <3

    1. Hi Kim – Thanks for stopping by! I’m also not afraid to admit that I am obsessed with it (I actually need to add to cart again soon!!). I think I need to try Face Hero in my next order, and you should definitely get Lips asap! Big love, X

  3. I absolutely swear by all of the Go-To Skincare range, especially Properly Clean which is my favourite and staple item! Have got so many friends onto this product and we all now do one big order together.

    1. Nicole – I totally agree, Properly Clean has become a staple. So glad to hear you’ve got your friends onto Go-To, I have too and I don’t think we’ll ever go back! Sending love, x

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