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It seems there is always a new bar/restaurant/café opening in Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs that is promising something new and different. Yet only a select few manage to provide that unique point of difference.

The Mill on Constance is one of those places.

The Mill on Constance is housed in the beautiful old mill, built in 1904, on Constance Street in Fortitude Valley. A trio of fast-thinking friends became business owners when the space on the bottom floor became vacant, and was subsequently transformed into The Mill on Constance – a craft beer bar with character, charm and a whole lot of class.

When I caught up with Gillian, who owns the cozy bar alongside her partner and a friend turned business partner, she said many people overlooked the old mill before they stumbled upon it by chance and luck – the boys were tradesmen working on the building when the space became vacant. With Gillian on board the trio saw potential and took the opportunity to create something unique. And that they certainly have.

The Mill on Constance is a unique craft beer bar, specialising in Australian produced craft beers, boutique wines and locally produced spirits. The bar has 4 taps on constant rotation, serving 4-10 different kegs of beer each night, alongside a growing cocktail menu of exclusive blends and craft spirits.

Gillian said craft spirits, such as Tasmanian vodka and Perth-based gin, are much harder to find but they are “worth the effort.”

“For us… it’s definitely all Australian and we try to focus on as many local ones as possible,” Gillian said.  And that’s not just the drinks either. The produce is entirely Australian sourced and made, with local items including olives, cheese, meat and butter.

You must also know, these guys know their drinks. And I mean know them. They’ve tried and tested everything they sell, giving them the opportunity to provide expert advice and recommendations to customers and give them a drink they know they’re going to love. And the range is curated to perfection.

Gillian said, “We started with about 18 beers in the fridge and now we’re up to about 45. We like to add it on once we have tasted it and go okay that actually adds to the collection or no it doesn’t, because there’s no point in adding something just for the sake of adding it.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of philosophy I want my local bar to uphold.

The Mill on Constance has been open for less than 6 months, but its debut has been jam-packed with craft beer festivities, community events and the opening of their kitchen, which is now serving meat and cheese platters as well as beef burgers, lamb burgers and chicken wings – all the essentials to accompany your drink-tasting endeavours.

So why craft beer, wine and spirits?

Gillian said when they first bought the space they began thinking about what type of space they would create, and because the group are into the craft beer scene they decided to venture in that direction.

“We just feel like people want to try something different and want to find a new drink, but its like, how do you do that when all of the bars just stock all of the same things.” She said they want to get something that tastes different (and better) and is something that you won’t always find in a bottle shop.

So quality craft beer, wine and spirits became their point of difference in a market saturated by the big brands and international liquors.

Gillian said, “It’s the people that want to come here that are here. It is people who are interested” and those who are looking for something different.

She said “people are obviously becoming more into craft beer” and once they find us they tend to slip through the door and climb the few stairs that bring them into The Mill on Constance on a regular basis as they appreciate and become passionate about craft drinks.

And don’t get me started on the interior deco, the cozy feel, the superb woodwork and the suspended pieces from the old mill. You’ll have to go and check it out for yourself!


The Mill on Constance is open from Thursday – Sunday from 3pm until midnight.

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