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How To Get Your Bedroom Ready For Summer

Well, it’s official… Whether you’re a fan of summer or not the season is certainly upon us! Summer brings with it plenty of hot nights that we wonder how on earth we survive this time of year every time it arrives. To help you through this season, and for all the years to come, we’ve put together a list of how to get your bedroom ready for summer to get you through even the hottest of nights.

Comfortable mattress – from Sleepy’s Express

Having a comfortable mattress is the number one rule for a good nights sleep, no mater what season you’re in. Since summer is without a doubt more difficult to sleep in than any other season, this had to take the top of our list in getting your bedroom summer ready.

Lucky for all of us, Sleepy’s Express has a huge range of mattresses to choose from. Sleepy’s Express has all the convenience of selecting your mattress online and once you’re done they start creating the mattress from scratch – so you know you’re getting a mattress that is tailored specially for you and all your sleeping needs. You can get the perfect mattress for you this season from Sleepy’s Express.

Dark curtains

Summer means earlier sunrises which means it’s hot basically from the get go. Having simple things such as dark curtains to block out the morning sun can make all the difference in the world. Keeping the sun at bay until you roll out of bed can keep your room significantly cooler, making it easier to have a nice lay in during those lazy, slow summer days.

Fan for the hot nights

If you don’t have an air conditioner or a celling fan, don’t fret! Buying a floor fan or a stand up fan will be your saving grace this season. It’s crazy how something so simple can make a world of difference for both the day time and the night time. Having the windows open to add more breeze into the room can make your space feel more like a little tropical getaway rather than a hot box that you’re wishing yourself out of.

Light throw/sheets

When it comes to summer, pack away your winter doona and reach for light throws and sheets instead. Choosing ones that have an undeniable summer theme will instantly add fun, playful summer vibes to your space that you’ll almost be sad to see them go when winter rolls back around. Having lighter throws and sheets during summer also allow for a better nights sleep, as you drift away on our Sleepy’s Express mattress with your fan providing the island vibes.

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A space to read/relax 

Having a space in your room where you can unwind, other than your bed, is a simple solution to loving your space even more during summer. On those super hot days when you just want to relax but don’t want to crawl into bed when the sun’s beating down into your room opt for a designated space for this. Whether it’s a beanbag corner, a set up near your window and simply a comfortable chair to sit in, having this space during summer is the perfect way to enjoy basking in the summer sun all while staying in the comfort of your own room.

Decorate for the season

Interior design is something that is super fun to mix up with each and every season. For summer think fairy lights draped around your dark curtains to add a playful touch, bright colours and bold patterns to make your space really pop. If you’re more of a minimalist who likes to stick to your monochrome colour scheme, try switching it up in summer with some on trend colours – blush is always popular or why not really embrace summer with Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, Greenery to really bring embrace the season.

These are our top 6 tips for getting your room summer ready! Did we miss any tips that you love to put into your room for the season? Let us know so we can all really take our bedrooms to the next level this summer!

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