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Nine Fun Dates In Brisbane

So you’ve met someone who sets your heart aflutter and made it through the palm sweating, I’m-gonna-throw-up terror of asking them out on a date. In days of old, taking your potential love buddy out to a romantic dinner and a movie would have perfectly sufficed. Now, if you don’t watch the sunset from an abandoned rooftop, break into a swimming pool, get jostled together at an underground gig and be interrupted mid-kiss at least once, then your date is written off as a complete snore-fest.

Okay, so maybe the ideal first date doesn’t have to include crime and potential arrest, but let’s all admit that just going out to dinner can feel slightly tired and often awkward. You’re a cool cat, so take that bearded boy or bespectacled indie girl of your dreams out on date that reflects that. Need some ideas? Here are nine quirky, cool and fun dates in Brisbane for your Wes Anderson loving, coffee-bean-snorting, hipster crush.

Brisbane Date Ideas | Brisbane Threads

The Food Truck Date- Everywhere – There’s no denying that food trucks are oh-so-cool right now. Chowing down on a plate of pasta in a restaurant? Borrrring. Sitting kerbside and sharing a plate of pasta from The Pasta Cruiser? You may as well open up your calendar and pencil that second date in right now. If slurping up a bowl of pasta in front of your date makes you squirm, try some saucy wings at King of the Wings, inject some spice with huevos rancheros at Oi Taco or embrace the buns at The Bun Mobile. For more Brisbane food trucks, see our ultimate guides here, here and here.

The Star Gazing Date- Brisbane Planetarium and Mt. Cootha – What could be more romantic than straining your neck muscles and taking part in some good old fashion star gazing. Excuse me whilst I geek out for a second here but the Brisbane Planetarium is awesome. With reclining chairs and shows that take you through the galaxy and beyond, what could be cuter than clutching your dates hand whilst being whisked through the stars. Much cooler than just heading to a movie, and you can end your date by looking at the real starry sky at the Mt. Cootha viewpoint. Extra points if you pack a thermos of tea or hot chocolate.

The Beer Date- Green Beacon Brewing Co. – I like beer, you like beer, we all like beer! For a quirky spin on the standard drinks date, heading to a micro-brewery will score you major points if your date is a beer lover. Taste a flight of beers or just stick to one, if your date falls flat you will at least be a little tipsy and you can always chat about which of the beers you like best.

The Coffee Date- Irving Place, Brisbane CBD – So you’ve heard of spooning (or forking), but you might not have heard of cupping. Once a week, Irving Place puts on a cupping which gives you the chance to taste a range of filter coffees and espressos. The perfect date to impress the coffee snob, attending a cupping session means that you can pass off those first date jitters on the caffeine and you even get to see your date spit (it worked for Jack and Rose, just sayin’).

The Cooking Class Date- James St Cooking School – It’s about time you learnt to cook something other than toast or two-minute noodles and what better way to do that than take a wine-fuelled cooking class with your date. Tie up those apron strings, smudge a bit of flour on your face (rom-com style), and turn up those flames.Yes, it’s a little pricey at $145 pp. but you are basically ensuring your date falls madly in love with you. But for the love of all things holy, please don’t spoon feed your date; your fellow classmates came to eat food, not throw it up.

The Intellectual Date- The Brisbane Powerhouse – Hopefully your conversational repertoire extends beyond cat videos and donuts because this date is where you will have to dig deep and dish some smart talk. The Brisbane Powerhouse is always hosting philosophers, adventurers, comedians and artists of all kinds. The perfect date to inspire conversations and hopefully a little cheery argument. Afterwards, fuel the intellectual fire and have a nightcap of port or tumbler of whiskey. And if you find out your date doesn’t believe in global warming, run for the hills my friend.

The Pretend-you’re-in-New-York Date- The Bowery and The South Side Diner – Let’s just all agree that New York is pretty much superior in every way and that on occasion, it’s fun to do away with Brisbane and pretend we live on the smoky, bustling streets of the big apple. This date calls for you to pull out that “I Heart New York” shirt you never wear, pop on a pair of elastic waisted pants, and make an appointment with your GP for a general heart health check. Reminiscent of a New York dive bar, head to the Bowery for a tipple and a chat. Next frolic over to The South Side diner for a burger and fries. Finish the night off with a slice of pie. Bonus points if you can keep an American accent going the whole night. Have fun y’all.

The Wintertime Date – Ice Skating, and a drink at Bitter Suite – Winter: the perfect excuse to pull on that bobble hat and snuggle a little closer to your date. As long as you stay on your feet, ice skating is a super fun activity to do on your date. And even if you fall on your butt, at least you will have your skating-buddy to pick you up and dust you off. Warm up those frosty fingers afterwards with a delicious wintery beverage. Bitter Suite in New Farm is offering favourites like hot buttered rum, mulled wine and bourbon hot chocolate.

The Sugar High Date- Doughnut Time, I Heart Brownies, and Donut Boyz – Another opportunity to pull out those elastic pants, this date should come with a warning. Please don’t take someone with a low sugar tolerance on this date, you might actually kill them. Start the night with a decadent Nutella-filled doughnut from Fortitude valley favourite, doughnut time. If you’re really serious about this sugary date, top it off with a Nutella hot chocolate. Mosey down to I Heart Brownies in Bakery Lane and choose from one of their specialty brownies. End the night (and possibly your good health), with another doughnut from the new kid on the block, The Donut Boyz. Don’t blame me if at this point you hurl on the pavement.Brisbane Date Ideas | Brisbane Threads

So, help the lovers out – where’s your favourite place to take a date in Brisbane, or what’s the best date you’ve been on in town? We’d love to hear from you!

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