Friday at Emjay’s

Before I busted out of the corporate world and began a new career as a writer, Fridays would be spent in a fidgety, distracted state as I literally counted down the minutes until the weekend rang in at 5:00pm. When that clock finally hit that magic hour and the promise of two glorious days of brunching, napping and hanging with my crew became a sweet reality, it was almost too much to bear.
Forget weddings and birthdays, celebrating Friday is where it is at!
The good people at Emjay’s coffee, found on the corner of Creek and Adelaide St, are people after my own Friday-loving heart. Making the most of their prime CBD location, Emjay’s is set to become the coolest after work celebration spot in town with their new weekly Friday Knock Off session.

Boasting a snazzy new cocktail menu and a tasty range of sliders, think Emjay’s coffee when 5:00 o’clock (finally) ticks around next Friday.

Emjay's Coffee

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