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If you are heading to Threaded at Alhambra Lounge on Friday the 30th of April you would be as excited as I am to be seeing Australian Fashion label Subfusco parade their latest collection.  We thought it was timely to do a little investigating into the emerging label that has quickly left its mark on the Aussie fashion scene. And of course pose the “Brisbane Threads Top 5 with a Designer”.

From the label:

The man behind Subfusco is Joshua Roberto Scacheri. After relocating to Italy to pursue a professional football career at the age of 16, he took an unexpected liking to the realm of fashion. He became heavily influenced by the style and culture exhibited in his new surroundings and upon return to Australia, decided to swap ‘the boots’ for a sketch pad.

From conception to creation, Subfusco is 100% Australian, offering excellent craftsmanship & quality to every garment. Touching back to his Italian roots of loyalty and integrity, Scacheri is adamant about staying true to this ethic of supporting the local and national fashion industry.

Having officially launched in 2006, Subfusco has grown from strength to strength, establishing itself as a prominent figure within the national and international industry. Built upon the cross-cultural ideal of European elegance and Australian comfort, Subfusco essentially seeks the contrast of sophistication and raw detailing, delivering customers a cutting-edge and unique product. The label’s progression has seen a participation in such events as Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival and more recently Penthouse Mouse & Melbourne Spring Fashion Week fashionising runway show.

The conceptual designs of Subfusco is supported by their creative team, with most tasks from Sales and PR to Patterns and sampling completed in house.

The Subfusco team members consist of:

Joshua Roberto Scacheri — Designer & Creative Director

Adam Grant — Sales & PR

Aaron Purdie — Conceptual assistant

Tanja Mrnjaus — Style Director

Adam Scott — in house Stylist

BT Top 5 with a Designer

Q1. How would you describe the feel of your label?

Built upon the cross-cultural ideal of European elegance and Australian comfort, Subfusco essentially seeks to balance the contrast of sophistication and raw detailing, thus delivering our clients a cutting-edge and unique product.

Q2. What was the inspiration for the current collection?

The second instalment of in the subfusco story of a newly created species continues with the launch of “The Inhabitants” FALL 2010. The winter collection is a much darker take on the story that was told in the previous summer collection. Winter sees the label’s designer Joshua Roberto Scacheri find inspiration from the floors of human society and the evil undertones in which our nature can foster.

A somber colour palette indicates reference to the dark side of humanity and the use of unisex pieces is a reflection of how both species are somewhat the same in their shortcomings.

Q3. What are your 3 must have items for Winter 2010?

For Women: Subfusco Extragalactic Sequence Cape

For Men: Subfusco Metallic Black Trench

For Anyone: Unisex Wool Coat

Q4. Who are your favourite style icons?

Rachel Zoe, Lady Gaga and Tanja Mrnjaus.

Q5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Crawl before you walk.

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